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78% Lu Over the Wall (Yoake tsugeru Rû no uta) (2018) A surprisingly sweet and passionate story.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Aug 18, 2020
93% Ride Your Wave (2020) Ride Your Wave winds up feeling like [Masaaki] Yuasa's richest and most adult film today, without ever losing track of the youthful wildness that makes his projects so special.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Aug 6, 2020
No Score Yet The Legend of Hei (Luo Xiaohei Zhan Ji) (2019) Packed with colorful and memorable characters, and big explosive action.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Aug 4, 2020
96% Groundhog Day (1993) Re-watching Groundhog Day yet again was pretty enlightening, actually!‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Aug 4, 2020
96% First Cow (2020) Finds a warm balance between tension and the pleasure of just watching two kindred types find each other and make a life for themselves in a difficult place.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Aug 4, 2020
95% Well Groomed (2019) Well Groomed is one of the most wholesome, joyous, purely enjoyable documentaries in the streaming world, and [filmmaker Rebecca] Stern doesn't aspire to anything more. ‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jul 24, 2020
71% Archive (2020) With such a gorgeous world housing so many vibrant emotions, it's a particular frustration that Archive doesn't follow through on any of them.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jul 13, 2020
No Score Yet Lupin III: The First (2020) The versions of Lupin and his familiar friends and enemies in the new CG movie live up to the high expectations set by decades of over-the-top animated adventures.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jun 22, 2020
92% The Vast of Night (2020) The story of The Vast of Night is nothing particularly special. The storytelling, though, is spectacular.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jun 8, 2020
94% Bad Education (2019) Bad Education doesn't seem to fully understand why he did it, but it suggests that it's enough to have Rachel's access to the facts, and her confidence in making a clear and thrilling story out of all of it.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Apr 27, 2020
79% The Platform (El Hoyo) (2020) There's an almost Lovecraftian sense of horror to The Platform, in that the characters are stuck in a vast, indifferent place they can't fully understand, and the answers aren't forthcoming.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Mar 23, 2020
94% Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro) (1979) This caper film possesses Miyazaki's usual good-hearted charm, but he injects a manically energetic humor that his more sedate children's films never quite achieve.‐ AV Club
Read More | Posted Feb 28, 2020
88% Onward (2020) It's colorful and charming, and it's certainly unique in its story specifics. But it also feels safe, simple, and soft-edged compared to Pixar's wilder swings for the outfield.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Feb 24, 2020
86% Nine Days (2020) An absolute masterpiece.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jan 30, 2020
94% Kajillionaire (2020) It's the kind of tale Miranda July specializes in... another distinctive, funny, gently sympathetic portrait of people who are poorly suited for society, but condemned to live in it anyway.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jan 29, 2020
94% Palm Springs (2020) The story may be familiar... But the execution here feels fresh and playful, with a new energy coming from Samberg and Milioti's go-for-broke performances, and some new iterations on the formula.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jan 28, 2020
91% Relic (2020) [Robyn] Nevin does a terrific job of building sympathy, then abruptly puncturing it.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jan 28, 2020
94% Boys State (2020) There are so many laughs, and so many telling and relatable moments, and so many fascinating, colorful characters here, Boys State is utterly mesmerizing.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jan 27, 2020
57% Come Away (2020) Audiences may resist the moral of this movie, but they're likely to get caught up in the execution.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jan 24, 2020
91% Weathering with You (2020) This is the kind of film where viewers can let themselves flow with the film's emotion, or entirely ignore the action and just get lost in the beauty of the imagination. Either way, it's a luscious trip to take.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Jan 21, 2020
B+ 72% Labyrinth (1986) While the off-kilter rock songs Bowie wrote and performed for the film are far from his best work, his character performance is gloriously iconic, a perfect blend of predatory, leering rock star and hurt, rejected emo lover.‐ AV Club
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2019
51% Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Even as The Rise of Skywalker's characters claim their ultimate triumph, the film feels clumsy, hurried, and above all, like an admission of creative defeat.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Dec 18, 2019
96% I Lost My Body (2019) I Lost My Body is fundamentally weird and potentially off-putting. But it's also visually and emotionally beautiful, one of 2019's most ambitious, engaging films.‐ Polygon
Read More | Posted Dec 2, 2019
69% Joker (2019) It's hypnotic just how horrifying Arthur's existence is, just as Phoenix's performance is hypnotic as he spirals from fragile hope into increasingly outsized and confident acts of destruction.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Oct 7, 2019
58% In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) It's a tightly wound thriller with a surprising speculative element.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Sep 30, 2019
97% Knives Out (2019) It lacks Hitchcockian tension or Christie-level dignity, but it's funny, surprising, and intriguing in the way it flips the usual murder-mystery script.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Sep 12, 2019
79% Jojo Rabbit (2019) There are laughs in the gap between Jojo's self-image and the reality... Jojo Rabbit could use more of that dynamic, and more of Waititi's subversive voice and willingness to upend cinematic norms.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Sep 12, 2019
92/100 90% Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) It's a breathless and admirably well-assembled movie that proves the Marvel formula still isn't tired.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Jul 2, 2019
23% Men in Black International (2019) MIB:I is a perfectly fine piece of summer entertainment, easy on the brain and big on the shiny spectacle. But it feels polished to a fault.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Jun 13, 2019
B+ 79% The Dark Crystal (1982) The story is a standard fairy-tale concoction, but the New Agey philosophy about healing and heroism makes for a classic Henson story, all heart and rapturous wonder at the world's incredible possibilities.‐ AV Club
Read More | Posted May 1, 2019
A 78% Perfect Blue (1999) Perfect Blue's success lies in the twisted, self-referential storyline that intercuts reality with fantasy so fluidly that viewers inevitably take on Mima's shattered point of view, unable to distinguish the truth until the stunning conclusion.‐ Sci-Fi Weekly
Read More | Posted Apr 30, 2019
A+ 94% Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro) (1979) Monkey Punch's lanky, flapping heroes contrast somewhat oddly with Miyazaki's fine-featured, trim subsidiary characters, but "Castle" moves along at such a brisk pace that it's hard to concentrate on anything but keeping up with the ride.‐ Sci-Fi Weekly
Read More | Posted Apr 30, 2019
94% Avengers: Endgame (2019) It was designed to cap a decade of buildup around a single gigantic story... In that sense, it's certainly a triumph: it's ambitious, towering, and above all, daring in its difference.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Apr 24, 2019
18% Hellboy (2019) And over the course of two hours, the mania becomes exhausting and numbing.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Apr 12, 2019
17% Pokémon Heroes (2003) Pokémon Heroes features fewer gratuitous pokéfights than its precursors, and also lacks a dutifully over-repeated moral, but it doesn't replace these Pokémon staples with anything substantive.‐ AV Club
Read More | Posted Apr 9, 2019
78% I See You (2019) For people who specifically prize meticulous story-craft and the ability to dodge broad genre clichés, I See You is a rare gift.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Mar 14, 2019
93% Us (2019) Peele directs Us with a masterful collection of horror-movie tricks - jump scares that actually pay off, a cat-and-mouse game in an isolated place filled with bright lights and deep pools of impenetrable shadow.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Mar 9, 2019
90% How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) This film feels like the studio wanted it to be the next step in its development toward more ambitious stories. Instead, it's a gorgeous hangout movie. There are worse things to be.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Feb 22, 2019
69% The Wandering Earth (2019) Director Frant Gwo gives the film a surprising stateliness, especially in the scenes of the mobile Earth wandering the cosmos, wreathed in tiny blue jets that leave eerie space-contrails behind.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Feb 11, 2019
85% The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) It ends up feeling like more than an obligatory cash-in: it builds a whole new layer on top of the Lego Movie foundations.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Feb 7, 2019
B- 100% The Draughtsman's Contract (1982) Contract is sordid and gorgeous at the same time; its elaborate costumes and coifs and its beautiful landscapes stand in marked contrast to the characters' blunt brutality.‐ AV Club
Read More | Posted Feb 6, 2019
61% Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) The setting Gilroy creates here is so much more engaging than what he does with it.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Feb 4, 2019
96% Hail Satan? (2019) It's hilarious.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Jan 28, 2019
78% The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019) Viewers are left to interpret as they prefer... But just as that approach feels admirable because it isn't heavy-handed, forcing an agenda or hectoring the audience to take up a specific moral stance, it also feels a little empty.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Jan 25, 2019
36% Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) The story is more dignified and tonally consistent than in the last film...but much of it plays out with just as little weight as Fantastic Beasts' silliest moments.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Nov 8, 2018
78% Apostle (2018) But for the most part, it's a breathlessly oppressive experience, a dark and sometimes strikingly beautiful film that lives up to its most obvious cinematic forefathers.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Oct 12, 2018
60% You Might Be the Killer (2018) This isn't challenging filmmaking, but for what it is - a shared social-media joke turned into a shared cultural joke - it's a pretty diverting way for horror fans to spend about 90 minutes.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Oct 5, 2018
66% The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018) The book is a charmingly quaint, deeply eerie supernatural mystery about grief, necromancy, and the apocalypse. The movie version is a shrieking CGI carnival full of poop jokes and barfing pumpkins.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Sep 25, 2018
71% Hold the Dark (2018) The story doesn't entirely hold together after the fact... but as is typical for Saulnier, it's shocking and moving while it's actually going on.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Sep 13, 2018
88% Freaks (2019) In a world packed with information, it's outright exciting to know so little about where a story is going, or how far it's willing to go to get there.‐ The Verge
Read More | Posted Sep 12, 2018