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Shalom Taiwan

There just isn't much to grab hold of here and not much to this other than some pretty pictures, a few featherweight stereotypes...and a whole lot of potential pretty much squandered.

Roger Moore, Movie Nation

Shalom Taiwan

The film itself doesn't amount to much, despite a narrative structure and locations that are of some interest. But it is, amid its unrelenting mediocrity, thought-provoking.

CJ Sheu, The News Lens International

Shalom Taiwan

There isn't much tension in the story, which works better as a pleasant travelogue than as an examination of faith or cultural exchange.

Josh Bell, Crooked Marquee


Deadly Friend

Craven's original vision was totally compromised and while I don't think it would've worked at least it would have been the film Wes wanted to make. What WB wound up releasing is mediocre at best though, usually, it's just plain bad.

Anthony Arrigo, Dread Central

Maniac Cop 2

Maniac Cop 2 embodies all of the excess that made '80s horror sequels so great (well, a lot of them anyway).

Anthony Arrigo, Dread Central

Jack Frost

The characters are two-dimensional, the dialogue is uninspired, and the production values are low. But most of that is forgivable when considering one doesn't watch a film about a mutant, killer snowman expecting high art.

Tyler Doupe, Dread Central