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Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker, and Jessica Biel topline this ensemble drama regarding intersecting lives on Christmas Eve from writer/director Timothy Linh Bui (Green Dragon). Liotta plays an ex-convict who tracks down his estranged daughter (Biel) after serving a 25-year jail sentence.

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Jessica Biel
as Rose Johnny
Ray Liotta
as Jack Doheny
Patrick Swayze
as Velvet Larry
Eddie Redmayne
as Qwerty Doolittle
Navid Negahban
as Doctor Brooks
Ravi Patel
as Sanjay
Don Swayze
as Bouncer
Ben Bray
as Security
Joe Holt
as Resident Doctor
L. Scott Caldwell
as Nurse Gomez
Mandy June Turpin
as Nurse Jenkins
Jesse Henecke
as Loan Manager
Ana Berry
as Female Host
Leyna Nguyen
as Newscast Reporter
Chad Christopher Tucker
as Undercover Security
Soledad Campos
as Catholic Nun
Clent Bowers
as Bus Driver #1
Danvy Pham
as Velvet Larry's Girl
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Critic Reviews for Powder Blue

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Another Los Angeles-set multistrand drama "Crash"-es and burns.

May 12, 2009

A movie full of egregiously overdramatic stupidities.

May 5, 2009 | Full Review…

Patrick Swayze's final feature film role as Wild Velvet strip club boss Velvet Larry is a flamboyant extravaganza

November 28, 2009 | Full Review…

A serendipitous erotic thriller reminiscent of Crash in the way that lots of Angelenos' lives intersect serendipitously, except that here the characters have a seedy strip club in common instead of car accidents.

June 8, 2009 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…

They seem to be real and they are certainly spectacular--too bad that one can't say the same for the film featuring them.

May 14, 2009 | Full Review…

an embarrassing display of directorial exploitation and a waste of acting goodwill.

May 12, 2009 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Powder Blue

LMAO! Who wrote this? Some of the worst writing I have ever seen in a movie. The plot made no sense and the script told most of the story, not the action which would get some major points deducted if this was a film for my film class. I don't like Jessica Biel. She's pretty, but I just don't think she is a good actress. There's just something about her that seems fake when she's acting. I can never believe it, it's like I can tell that she's acting. I just don't think she's a convincing actress. But watching this movie was twice as bad because I had to deal with her acting AND her disgusting sinus issues. Whenever she was crying, snot would run- no, gush out of her nose. It was the most disgusting thing. She would have a huge string of snot hanging from her nose and in one scene she takes her hand, wipes it off and then pushes her hair out of her face using the snot covered hand! EWWW! That be nasty shit yo. So unflattering. Like yeah I get it, the director or whoever the hell made this piece of shit was like "I want it to be realistic! Like these are real people! With real tears and snot and shit." Well guess what? Real people don't run around with $50,000 in the back of their car asking hookers to shoot them dead. Seriously, who the hell wrote this garbage? This movie was really bad. The writing annoyed the hell out of me and it was just a weird movie overall. It didn't make any sense and I'm not sure why people in this movie were having so much trouble with their lives. It was just awful. Poorly executed, a waste of talent too because besides Biel there were a lot of good actors in this movie that tried so hard given the shitty material that was handed to them. I'm not sure why they would even want to be in this film. The script was so god awful, I suck at writing and I could've written a much better script. It just sounded so unnatural and so unrealistic and bad.

Japes .
Japes .

Super Reviewer


"Powder Blue" is the type of movie that everyone would love to hate! Personally, I think it is one of the more overshadowed films that were released in 2009. With many big name B-List actors involved, they really gave it their all to make this film as much as it is. It follows two separate plot lines that never connect, so I felt myself scratching my head sometimes, but the dark feel of strip clubs truly adds to the mood of suicide and broken romance. However, I must hand it to Eddie Redmayne, whose performance really had me engaging in the events of the film. There are many scenes that will have you rolling your eyes, due to the over dramatic attempts, but overall, it's a very low-budget stylistic film that will have you feeling every emotions the characters are feeling, and you will wish that death is always as peaceful as it is in this film. "Powder Blue" is a very solid drama!

KJ Proulx
KJ Proulx

Super Reviewer

One of those multi-layered, character films, whose lives overlap in one way or another. It has a fine cast, including Patrick Swayze's last role along side Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker. However it will be more well known for the film where Jessica Biel plays the part of an "exotic dancer" and strips off. It's main theme is one of loneliness, despair and seeking companionship. It's ok but some story lines are weaker than others and the ending seems a little rushed. Overall ok for a one time watch.

Dean King
Dean King

Super Reviewer

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