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Assault (In the Devil's Garden)(Satan's Playthings)(The Creepers)(Tower of Terror) Reviews

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½ June 25, 2012
Rarely seen since its 1971 release this Brit thriller is very much of its time ,but it still has plenty in it to sustain interest.
Director Sidney Hayers was an old TV hand and here he crafts a tense and exciting thriller as the police race against time to catch a sex killer before he strikes again.

Suzy Kendall plays a teacher at a private school whos pupils are being stalked and attacked by an unknown assaliant..
When she sees the killer at the sight of his latest killing the race is on to prevent her becoming the next victim.
Hayers throws in loads of red herrings as the suspicion builds around certain people most notably a suitably oliy performance from Tony Beckley as the husband of the headmistress.
The tension is high and although the film feels in part like a poor mans Hitchcock ,Hayers keeps you guessing right to the literally shocking climax.

Lots of good performances from Frank Finlay as a dogged police inspector ,and Freddie Jones as a seedy journalist help the film no end and its to DVD company Networks credit that they have unearthed a real gem with the taut little thriller.
½ March 17, 2012
Very good British thriller, that has elements of Giallo traits. This is also hammered home with the casting of Suzy Kendall, who is as great as ever. Not too difficult to figure it all out, but theres some decent camera work (opening POV rape scene), and a booming all trumpets blazing soundtrack. Worth seeing.
½ September 3, 2011
Taut expolitative thriller with some contrived plot points and a crazy ending.
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