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½ December 16, 2014
Some people take their marriage vows seriously, others not so much. Here we have the story of a woman married to a wealthy Vietnam veteran who is struggling with post traumatic stress. Instead of helping him, she works to build his paranoia until he goes over the edge into a catatonic state. Despite a somewhat slow start, I enjoyed this one once the tables were turned on her by an old war buddy of her husband's posing as a drifter.
July 30, 2014
Neo noir effort has wife plotting the demise of her suffering Viertnam veteran husband with a few twists along the way. Rather simple plot that is well-paced and reveals things slowly along the way. Worth a look.
½ March 12, 2010
Gloria says: Excellent script, fantastic acting, interesting plot and there are more twists in this movie than there is on the dance floor. Backfire was an unpredictable movie and it kept me interested from the beginning to the very end. It is still a very good movie even till this day. I highly recommend it.

Michael says: This 1980''s B-movie actually surprised me. From Jeff Fahey to Keith Carridine to Karen Allen, the acting was superb. I did end up falling asleep before the film ended, so I guess I cannot give it a proper review, but from I saw, I definitely liked it. And I agree on the 7 rating because I fought really hard to stay awake.
December 25, 2007
Bland and predictable. Keith Carradine is one creepy bastard with an untrustable face
November 13, 2007
Karen Allen is Mara, the wife who wants more...Dean Paul Martin is Jake, the lover she wants more of...Jeff Fahey is Donny, the husband the war almost destroyed...and Keith Carradine is Reed, the stra...( read more )nger who answers everyone's darkest prayers. This excellent cast only heightens the chilling pleasures of this superbly crafted suspense thriller. Mara and Donny are the ideal couple, young, rich and attractive. Only the horrible nightmares of Vietnam that haunt Donny flaw their perfect life. The fury of artillery, the screams of the wounded, and the ominous putt-putt of choppers rage within him and suddenly, there is blood everywhere...Betrayal, deceit and murder are the fuel of plot twists that ignite the tension to a shattering climax. Is that only a backfire, or is someone firing back?
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