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April 1, 2014
Very good film. Each scene is filled with meaning. Experience hero feel themselves. Teen many dreams about aliens, so behave children which nobody needs. Boy is not a killing spree, it only scares their abusers. It correctly. The film is entertaining, good special effects. 10/10(5/5).
½ June 12, 2011
A bullied kid finds an army super weapon and decides to kick some ass. In theory this sounds amazing but in practise its dull dull dull. Theres numerous problems surrouding this film. The way they try to portray teen anguish and how been a teen is tough is miss informed. They try so hard to make this kid look like a kid who was just not given a break in life. The problem is that the kid is just bloody annoying. He cleens no sympthoy from the audience at all and as the whole film rests on his performance it quickly fails on its face. He comes off as either a moany brat or just a weirdo, his quick and rapid descent into nuttydom is no fun and actually very unrealistic. The rest of the cast are just plain evil. Noone is nice in this film. His girlfriend is a thrill seeker, his dad and bro are abusive, the entire town are wankers and the army aside from one guy want to blow him up! The weapons special effects are just ok, all he does is blow cars up (one or two boring flame deaths to). The entire tone of the film is just depressing. Not interesting depressing just dragging you down into the abyss depressing with the kid lamenting about wanting to meet aliens and been an alien himself and how he will one day go back to his planet. Used to try and give a sense of alienation he feels about everyday life and also used to show his relaxation on his sanity it does nothing but confuse and annoy the viewer. The downbeat ending tops of a film that if watched will make you wish you were on another planet away from the sadnees it fills up your very soul with.......depressing :(
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