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October 22, 2012
(See also: "High school U.S.A."). Okay, your basic American Summer camp movie. Boys sneak to the girls side / Love interests / candy-junk food / making fun of the camp counselors, etc. But the acting and the decent writing in it make it one of the better summer camp movies. I still can't believe that was Jason Bateman - he looks the same in every movie to me (not saying anything negative) but this one. Any Michael J. Fox fans will surely like this movie. This is his closest character to "Marty" in 'back to the future'.
½ April 11, 2011
Cary Guffey is hot. I wish my boyfriend was this hot
December 7, 2010
1985 USA - star film, ki bi ga rad pogledal ...
August 24, 2009
You know what, I liked this one. I thought it was thoughtful, fun, "Meatballs" like in a way with some similarities. I though Fox and Mckeon had great chemistry (as they once did offscreen as well--hubba! hubba!). The story was poignent and fun to watch.
March 20, 2009
I can't believe there's no poster, it's the one with Michael J. Fox...go see it
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