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June 2, 2014
Producer Harry Allan Towers' Second Production Of The Classic Novel, "And There Were None". This All-Star Version, Takes The Action To A Deserted Hotel In The Iranian Desert. Just As Enjoyable As Towers' Previous Production, The Guests Are Accused Of Certain Crimes Which The Law Could Not Touch And Are Trapped Being Killed Of One By One. Sadly Just Like The Other English Speaking Adaptions, This Film Opts For The Ending Used In The Original Play & Not The Darker Ending Of The Original Novel. The Location Is Beautiful & The Cinematography Is Excellent, With A Slightly Cheesy Performance From The Great Richard Attenborough, And The Rest Of The Cast. Great Filmmaking It's Not , But Great Fun And Highly Entertaining It Is, A Classic Mystery, Turned Into An Entertaining Film. Released As, "And Then There Were None" In The UK.
½ December 28, 2013
Given this is an Agatha Christie adaptation the story is interesting enough to stick with it, but it's a good example of why you can't just stick half-a-dozen well-known actors together and hope for the best. this certainly needs to be and could have been better produced.
June 16, 2012
One of the better remakes of the three Harry Allan Towers Productions of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None (All of them titled Ten little Indians). This time, the story is set in a vacant Iranian hotel, the whole hotel had been rented out by Mr.
Owen. Mr. Towers' main objective was to create an international film, so there is an international cast. Some of the acting is stiff, which is a shame because it was an all-star cast (for the seventies, at least). I think this version stands out is because it is the first movie to take the book seriously. All humor has been cut out (except for an occasional sarcastic snippet from Oliver Reed) and we have the chilling atmosphere of an empty hotel, in the middle of an emptier Iran, not to mention the shadowed ruins surrounding the hotel. A good movie, and if you go in not expecting much, it'll be a pleasant surprise.
April 5, 2012
Ingen av de starkaste Christie-filmatiseringarna, men Collinson lyckas ändå mejsla något eget av boken.
½ December 2, 2011
This is the third adaptation of the popular Agatha Christie book and features a strong cast including two James Bond villains.
it's all very dark and melodramatic but lacks tension as each character meets their demise. It's also not much of a whodunnit as there are no real clues for the viewer to unravel, just a sequence of events that will leave you guessing.
It's been a long time since I've read the book but I think this adaptation departs quite significantly including the setting.
A classic crime tale that unfortunately doesn't really deliver despite the big name cast.
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November 4, 2010
Maybe!!! I've always enjoyed her books.
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November 3, 2010
Weak execution, the direction is flat and poor acting by the famous cast; they simply didn't show fear or desperation and the little showed was not convincing THOUGH, Christie fans (like me) will enjoy trying to crack her complex puzzle because this Agatha's story is one of her very best and draws the viewer in despite the film's technical problems.
½ June 21, 2010
Definitely one of my favourite Agatha Christie adaptations, from the eerie locations, to the creepy performances. Quite stagey and theatrical in places but the twist is a classic which has been used and reused in many other films.
January 16, 2010
Third film version of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians which features an international all star cast is probably weaker than the two previous versions but still effective and raises a few chills in it's highly claustrophobic setting.
½ December 13, 2009
The problem with movies such as Ten Little Indians, means that there will be, or supposed to be, 10 deaths in the movie until we find out who did it. Doing that of course, makes me just count down til the movie's over, almost doubling the time for me. I don't know, just can't get into them. This version is sort of fun, with the whole 70's vibe going on. I always love seeing Richard Attenborough the actor, and watching Charles Aznavour pop off after singing a song gets bonus points from me.
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September 19, 2008
One of the best Agatha Christie films to be made! Featuring an all star cast this is a timeless classic that has inspired many other films, Identity and House on Haunted hill spring to mind. If you like a good murder mystery or are a fan of Agatha Christie check this out, now known in the UK as And then there were none.
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