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Critic Consensus: One of the best creature features of the early atomic age, Them! features effectively menacing special effects and avoids the self-parody that would taint later monster movies.

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In this film, a girl is found wandering in the desert in a state of complete shock. When she finally revives, she can scream out only one word: "Them!" As it turns out, "Them" are giant ants, a by-product of the radiation attending the atomic bomb tests of the era.

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James Whitmore
as Ben Peterson
Edmund Gwenn
as Dr. Harold Medford
Joan Weldon
as Dr. Patricia Medford
James Arness
as Robert Graham
Onslow Stevens
as Brig. Gen. O'Brien
Sean McClory
as Maj. Kibbee
Chris Drake
as Off. Ed Blackburn
Sandy Descher
as Little Girl
Don Shelton
as Captain of Troopers
William Schallert
as Ambulance Attendant
Leonard Nimoy
as Sergeant
Dub Taylor
as Watchman
Ann Doran
as Psychiatrist
Joel N. Smith
as Ben's Driver
Cliff Ferre
as Lab Man
Joe Forte
as Coroner Putnam
Fred Shellac
as Attendant
Norman Field
as General
Otis Garth
as Admiral
John Maxwell
as Dr. Grant
Dean Cromer
as MP Sergeant
Warren Mace
as Radio Operator
Jack Perrin
as Army Officer
Eddie Dew
as Officer
Walter Coy
as Reporter
Booth Colman
as Reporter
Hubie Kerns Sr.
as Jeep Driver
Roydon E. Clark
as Jeep Driver
Charles Meredith
as Washington Official
Richard Deacon
as Bald Reporter
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Views of the creatures which had the youngsters screeching delightedly are plenty scary -- in fact the blown-up scenes of actual ants, such as everyone in the hot country knows, are enough to make you squirm.

September 28, 2021 | Full Review…

There is added conviction in performance and dialogue, both of which are particularly good for a production largely designed for chilling spines.

September 28, 2021 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…

In the parking lot outside the [theater], I came upon a bustling colony of ants near a crack in the sidewalk. I gave them a wide berth. I had just seen their oversized brothers and sisters in action... and I wanted no more trouble with them.

September 28, 2021 | Full Review…

The picture has all the necessary ingredients mixed in the proper proportions to make it a top-notch thriller.

September 28, 2021 | Full Review…

Sound and lighting effects help to create an eerie atmosphere in the black-and-white film and Warner Brothers has taken pains to make the enormous ants properly frightening.

September 28, 2021 | Full Review…

Ominously titled Them, this all too plausible Warner Brothers chiller starts with a shiver and ends with a bang.

September 27, 2021 | Full Review…

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This movie was supposedly the first to ignite the giant bug subgenre, the first of the nuclear monster movies, the age of atomic monsters . Being released in the same year as the epic Japanese 'Godzilla' you could say this was the western/American equivalent of that iconic movie. Now, of course, the big question is which movie inspired the other? or did that even happen? The plots are virtually the same accept for the main creature/s dishing out the destruction, coincidence? Maybe it was just the simple coincidence of people both east and west suffering from the fear of nuclear technology, America with the Cold War era and Japan with WWII. The plot is pretty predictable to anyone with basic movie knowledge. In the New Mexico desert people have been found dead (or just not found at all) and their property destroyed, the only clues being some mysterious tracks in the sand. In time various specialists are brought in to try and figure out what's going on, eventually it is revealed that giant ants are nesting in the area as a result of the recent atomic bomb tests. The clock is ticking as the plucky team of specialists (and a beat cop) try to destroy the nest before more ants hatch and any Queens escape, unfortunately they are unable to prevent this which leads us to a climatic battle against the ants as they infest LA. Right! effects, how good are they? well, considering this was the first giant bug movie and it was 1954, they aren't too bad, but not great methinks. Big mechanical puppets were created of the ants that moved ever so slightly, on one hand this worked because it gave a good degree of scope and perspective to the horror facing the humans. On the other hand it obviously looked kinda hokey because the big fuzzy ants didn't look too scary and didn't move too well. Compare these ants to the giant Mantis in that giant Mantis movie, and honesty the ants are nowhere near as creepy if you ask me. One big issue was the eyes, again (like 'The Black Scorpion') for some reason they give the ants big humanoid-ish eyes which gave the bugs emotion (sort of), something you don't really wanna see. The reason why the giant Mantis worked so well was because it was a very faithful recreation of a real Mantis, these ants are along those lines but the eyes spoilt it, plus the large antennas and body hair looked silly (something that couldn't be helped I guess). As per usual there are all the predictable stereotypes galore here, but we must remember that this was the first time using them...kinda. So, what do I mean by that anyway, well the lead is a handsome bloke, his sidekick is an attractive female, there are of course a few other males leads, military types and such, and lastly we have the good old crusty scientist gent. The type of character that looks and sounds like he's just stepped off a Hammer Horror set. All of which put in solid performances, nothing outstanding, but solid, although you can tell Edmund Gwenn, as the crusty old scientist, had troubles with his lines, you can see he's possibly reading them off a cue card, or just really straining to remember them, bless. One surprise was the small role played a child actress at the start. She barely does much other than scream and act stunned...but she does it bloody well! One thing I did find quite amusing was the character of Sgt. Peterson, the cop who first discovers the mutilated devastation left by the ants in the desert. Now this guy is just a cop right, OK he's a Sarge, but simply a State trooper. So can someone explain to me why and how he manages to accompany everybody from the military to the FBI, on all missions and confidential discussions? I mean yeah sure he witnessed an attack and found the original carnage but why the hell is he still involved by the end of the movie. At one point he's descending down into the ant nest, then he's firing a flippin' bazooka at it! he's just a cop! why would he be doing any of this??!! Its also amazing how despite what is unraveling, its the same handful of people that deal with everything, surely there would be tonnes of top ranking people, officials, military units etc...all involved trying to save LA, not just this trio of a cop, a woman and an FBI agent. Speaking of the ants nest, do I detect an element that was highly inspirational for the James Cameron sci-fi thriller 'Aliens'? Its all very familiar its got to be said, the dark tunnels, the decaying ant bodies strewn around, the characters only lit up by torch light, flamethrowers, and then of course the discovery of the egg chamber, some hatched etc...The same could be said for the LA sewer tunnel sequences at the end too. Could be a long shot but it definitely seems possible that this movie might have influenced future sci-fi horrors. Said LA sewer sequence is also a bit anti-climatic in my opinion, it doesn't really have the eerie atmosphere of being out in the sticks somewhere, plus the ants don't really blend into those surroundings too well, they look too obvious as big puppets. It also really amuses me how bullets, bombs and sometimes even rockets don't affect these creatures. OK they are huge bugs and we know many bugs have armour protection, but would they really be impervious to bullets?? Would a giant tarantula be unstoppable against bullets? would a giant ant be unstoppable? surely a bullet from a gun (especially a machine gun) would have a great deal of affect and cause death after time. Plus wouldn't the creatures eyes be an ideal target, you never see the characters shoot the bugs eyes no matter how big and obvious they are. Again surely that would down the bug instantly. Anyway the movie is a great example of the subgenre and probably one of the best on offer. I still think 'Tarantula' is probably the epitome of the giant bug horror flicks with terrific effects and a genuinely scary giant arachnid. This movie is probably the acorn that major blockbusters grew out of over time though, the way the movie plays out, the scenarios, the way its shot, the action etc...definitely a one-off back in the 50's. Its just a shame the films title is so damn stupid and cheesy, although I liked the use of colour for the opening title sequence in bold red and blue, it almost looks 3D. 'When Man entered the atomic age, he opened a door into a new world. What we'll eventually find in that new world, nobody can predict.'

Phil Hubbs
Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer

Fantastic 50s science fiction film depicting the true, unthought-out terrors of the nuclear war.

Sophie Burgess
Sophie Burgess

Super Reviewer

Them! Is one of the classic horror films of the 50's. Films like this are a must see for horror fans everywhere as this is a flawless monster film that has a lot to offer to the genre. In the 50ès there were countless monster flicks that came out, and all of them brought something unique to the table. These films make look dated by today's standards, but man are they fun. The over the top story is what makes this picture so good. I mean killer giant ants, just what a cool concept for a film. Gordon Douglas is a great director and he directs a strong cast here that all bring something to the screen. The plot keeps you entertained from start to finish. This is the perfect film to watch if you love monster movies. Classic Sci Fi horror doesn't get any better than this. I really enjoyed this film, and the sheer originality of the movie's concept is what makes this one such a timeless classic. Them! Is a perfect film to watch during the Halloween season, and it definitely delivers something that horror fans will certainly cherish. Nowadays they don't make films like this anymore and despite its cheesy looking special effects, this film still stands the test of time because of its cast, well written script and the sheer entertainment value it offers the viewer. This is among the best monster flicks that I've seen, and like others in the era, it has stood the test of time as a terrific, original and highly entertaining nearly sixty years after it was released.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

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