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Robert Taylor stars in director Nicholas Ray's Party Girl as the traditional Ray anti-hero: a criminal lawyer who's a little bit of both. Fronting for Chicago gang boss Lee J. Cobb during the late 1920s, Taylor manages to get Cobb-underling John Ireland off on a murder rap. Cobb throws a party to celebrate the event at his penthouse, where showgirl Cyd Charisse performs a sexy dance. Ireland has the hots for Charisse, but she's more interested in Taylor. Thanks to her good influence, Taylor decides to quit the rackets. But after agreeing to take one more case for Cobb, Taylor is wounded in a shoot-out and hauled before prosecutor Kent Smith. Smith orders Taylor to testify against Cobb; the lawyer agrees to do so provided that Charisse is given police protection. Unfortunately, Cobb gets to Charisse first and threatens to throw acid in her lovely face while Taylor watches helplessly.

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Robert Taylor
as Thomas 'Tommy' Farrell
Cyd Charisse
as Vicki Gaye
Lee J. Cobb
as Rico Angelo
John Ireland
as Louis 'Lucky Louie' Canetto
Kent Smith
as Jeffery Stewart
Claire Kelly
as Genevieve
Lewis Charles
as Danny Rimett
David Opatoshu
as Lou Forbes
Kem Dibbs
as Joey Vulner
Pat McVey
as O'Malley
Patrick McVey
as O'Malley
Barbara Lang
as Tall Blonde Party Girl
Myrna Hansen
as Joy Hampton
Betty Utey
as Showgirl
Floyd Simmons
as Assistant Prosecutor
Sydney Smith
as Judge Bookwell
Rusty Lane
as Judge John A. Dasen
Irving Greenberg
as Rico's Hood
Richard Devine
as Rico's Hood
Georges Saurel
as Rico's Hood
Carl Thayler
as Cookie's Henchman
Michael Pierce
as Cookie's Henchman
John Franco
as Cookie's Henchman
Ken Perry
as Cookie's Henchman
Barrie Chase
as Showgirl
Sanita Pelkey
as Showgirl
Sandy Warner
as Showgirl
Harry McKenna
as Politician
Erich Von Stroheim Jr.
as Police Lieutenant
Carmen Phillips
as Rico's Secretary
Pat Cawley
as Farrell's Secretary
Marshall Bradford
as District Attorney
Tom Hernandez
as Sketch Artist
Andrew Buck
as Chauffeur
Aaron Saxon
as Frankie Gasto
Vaughan Taylor
as Dr. Caderman
Peter Bourne
as Cab Driver
Vito Scotti
as Hotel Clerk
Ralph Smiley
as Hotel Proprietor
Herbert C. Lytton
as Judge Alfino
Benny Rubin
as Mr. Field
Paul Keast
as Judge Davers
John Damler
as Detective
Geraldine Wall
as Day Matron
Marc Wilder
as Speciality Dancer
David Garcie
as Newsman
Harry Hines
as Newsboy
Jack Gargan
as Officer
Margaret Bert
as Wardrobe Woman
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Critic Reviews for Party Girl

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Ray's direction, with its garish, searing streaks of color (red has rarely slashed the screen so violently), sharp diagonals, and quickly lurching wide-screen views, reflects its characters' raging energies and inner conflicts.

August 19, 2019 | Full Review…

Taylor and Charisse have never been better, and rarely has Ray's theme of two flawed individuals trying to strike a symmetrical balance achieved a more beautiful and convulsive expression.

October 23, 2007 | Full Review…

Unfortunately, the picture's plot (good girl helps bad guy go straight) fits the mood like a concrete overshoe, and the more than generous serving of cheesecake is pretty soggy stuff.

October 23, 2007 | Full Review…
Top Critic

As in all Ray's films, ideas and emotions are transformed into stunning visuals.

June 24, 2006 | Full Review…
Top Critic

There is little that is novel or exciting about this Party Girl, despite her trappings or the occasional gunplay that surrounds her.

March 25, 2006 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

A big-budget modern version of the old-fashioned gangland melodrama, made quite tolerable by some good performances and the addition of two musical numbers starring the lustrous Cyd Charisse.

November 13, 2019 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Party Girl

An interesting blend of MGM musical and film noir. Film is another one of Hollywood's "could have been great, if only ..." and in this case it's too bad the studio didn't give filmmaker Nicholas Ray complete control of this unique film. Nonetheless this is worthy of your eyes if only to see Cyd Charisse and her stunning wardrobe.

Aldo Gandia
Aldo Gandia

Super Reviewer


Party Girl is a negligible mess whose biggest obstacle is itself and its inability to figure out what it wants to be. At points its a mob movie, nothing as great as Warner Bros was putting out in the 30s but a mob film nonetheless. Then it meanders into Douglas Sirk melodrama territory where it also fails. Oh, and there are also a couple of dance numbers where Cyd Charisse proves she can dance better than she can act. Robert Taylor does an okay enough job and Lee J Cobb... well, plays Lee J Cobb as a bad guy. The best part of Party Girl outside of its completely inappropriate title is Nicholas Ray's direction and the photography. Namely during those previously mentioned dance numbers. Aside from those things I was waiting for it to end after the first 45 minutes.

Michael Gildea
Michael Gildea

Super Reviewer

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