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Claws (Devil Bear) Reviews

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June 3, 2014
Some more cheesy killer bear action!
May 10, 2013
I think I've seen several killer bear movies now and not one of them has managed to come off as anything more than a baby of Jaws. The filmmakers here made the title even rhyme with it to remind you of it: Claws. The movie itself isn't very good, but it does have plenty of unintentional humor, specifically for people like Cinematic Titanic or Rifftrax. I found myself laughing out loud at it quite a bit, and never did I get caught up in the story. You have turn that part of your brain off when you're watching like this that constantly tells you how awful something like this is and that you should just shut it off. But if you do, you'll miss out on the humor. It's not all hilarious, to be sure. It drags in places, but it's mostly funny bad overall.
June 10, 2012
looking for this one along time
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