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Critic Consensus: Ralph Fiennes is brilliant in this accomplished and haunting David Cronenberg film.

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Spider is set in the East End London in the 1960s and '80's. A deeply disturbed boy, Spider, 'sees' his father brutally murder his mother and replace her with a prostitute, Yvonne. Convinced they plan to murder him next, Spider hatches an insane plan, which he carries through to tragic effect. Years later, Spider is released into a halfway house, where he receives little care or attention from the landlady Mrs. Wilkinson. Unsupervised, Spider stops taking his medication and starts revisiting his childhood haunts. His attempts to sustain his delusional account of his past begin to unravel and Spider spirals into fresh madness.


Miranda Richardson
as Yvonne/Mrs. Cleg/Mrs. Wilkinson
Gabriel Byrne
as Bill Cleg
Lynn Redgrave
as Mrs. Wilkinson
John Neville
as Terrence
Bradley Hall
as Young Spider
Alison Egan
as Flashing Yvonne
Donald Ewer
as Toothless Jack
Peter Elliott
as Resident
Scott McCord
as Resident
Frank Blanch
as Resident
Rachel Taggart
as Young Woman
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Critic Reviews for Spider

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The film's slow, plodding pace relies too much on strong performances and grubby splashes of "atmosphere" rather than genuine emotion and plot.

January 2, 2018 | Full Review…

This is one of the director's most accomplished films.

April 26, 2003 | Rating: A

It's a pleasure to watch such an understated treatment of potentially sensational subject matter.

April 24, 2003 | Rating: B+

Although languid to a fault, Spider offers some payoff for those with enough patience to stick it out.

April 11, 2003 | Rating: 4/5

Definitely a trip into unexplored territory.

April 10, 2003 | Rating: 4/5

Spider isn't nearly as disturbing as it is intriguing, despite its subject matter.

April 4, 2003 | Rating: B+

Audience Reviews for Spider

I can Sum This one up in 3 Letters WTF, A complete wasted of my time, I would have rather stick needles in my eyes. 1/2 star 9-10-13

Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce

Super Reviewer

Im in the middle of watcing it right now, and while it is interesting it is slow and RALPH FIENNES! :( I love your vioce and you murmer throughout the whole movie, I mean I understand its his charcter but it is unfortunate. Still his performance as always is great. I curious as to how this movie will end.

Morgan Salem
Morgan Salem

Super Reviewer

Spider is an incredibly subdued and well-paced drama of psychological horror and detached self-examination. The interesting thing about Spider is the uncertainty of the entire picture. From the opening, it's clear that director David Cronenberg knows exactly the kind of movie he wants to make, and does so effectively. For all Cronenberg's steadiness, the audience has much less an idea what's going on than Spider Cleg does. Is Cleg insane at all? Either way, Spider is an expressionist film and doesn't try to explain by labeling this or that as "paranoid schizophrenia" which detaches the viewer from the main character, but instead may have you relate to him and question how accurately you remember your childhood. Photobucket

El Hombre Invisible
El Hombre Invisible

Super Reviewer

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