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March 17, 2018
Ryan O'Neal is a Vietnam vet working as a crop picker who runs afoul of the law when he smacks another worker in the jaw with a baseball bat during a brawl at a softball game. Local justice of the peace Van Heflin takes a liking to him and offers him a job at a motel he owns. O'Neal falls in with Leigh Taylor-Young, the secretary and mistress of the man who owns the company he was formerly working for. She's a wild one her gets her kicks out of sex and petty larceny. She talks O'Neal into helping her rob his former boss. This adaptation of Elmore Leonard's first crime novel seems promising, but gets progressive dull as it goes on. Director Alex March worked primarily in TV, and it shows. The film has a dull, overly bright look and is indifferently directed. Robert Webber and Lee Grant co-star.
½ October 2, 2014
Poorly-acted and -directed.
August 12, 2011
Elmore Leonard write pulp fiction where a man who broke the law in the past tries to redeem himself but gets sidetracked by a reckless woman. In this movie, the femme fatale is Nancy, well played by energetic Leigh Taylor-Young and I must say her taste in men, cemetries, and pleasure is farfetch. Ryan O'Neal plays her hapless object but he doesn't really light up the screen. it's Van Heflin is a better actor who's Ryan's boss at the motel. Lee Grant is wasted as a longely heart staying in room no. 12 and her role show the misogeny of the screenplay. It's a film noted for the acting debut of O'Neal and showcasing Young's acting. Whatever became of her?
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½ December 12, 2010
A flat boring slow movie with a good cast. Unfortunately the cast doesn't do much to enliven the story, which is an interesting story. I don't know why but this is not a good movie, it seems like it should be, but it's not.
February 27, 2010
Ryan O'Neal was hot as hell in this drama about a loner who gets mixed up with the wrong girl. Great movie.
June 8, 2008
I'm slightly biased of movies from the era of the 60's and 70's so if this movie really was not considered all that great, I might not notice. It's hard for me not to like a movie with Ryan O'Neal in it, anyway -- he's so sympathetic, even when he's an playing an asshole, and Leigh Taylor-Young was so crazy beautiful (crazy being the word, here) that you couldn't help but watch her character's next move.

I kept thinking it would be a great remake in the right hands -- turns out that already happened, apparently in the wrong hands (2004). I can't even remember it coming out. I guess that's the times we're living in, the amount of movies made highly surpasses the amount that are actually good. I'm guessing the remake relied on eye candy and stupid jokes. The original served the story.
½ April 6, 2008
A much darker version than the 2004 remake with Owen Wilson, and a more cohesive story.
½ February 26, 2008
Way better than the crappy remake. Good nudity too.
February 22, 2008
A terrible waste of time!
½ January 16, 2008
The original version not the remake with Morgan Freeman, which was okay. This one was kind of flat anyway.
August 9, 2007
One should never get involved with the help.
½ May 11, 2007
well written, twisted and fun
May 2, 2007
Taylor-Young plays a manipulative wtich very well.
½ January 9, 2007
excellent movie. Leigh taylor young is beautiful
December 8, 2006
I want to see this film!
September 5, 2006
This original story set in the 60's is great. Don't confuse it with the bad Charlie Sheen remake a few years ago. Ryan O'neal is at his sexy, and confused best here. i love this film. The score gets annoying after awhile. My only complaint.
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