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½ August 6, 2008
Very nice "made-for-TV" WW2 movie based on a true story...

I thought that Linda Hamilton delivered a very solid performance and is very convincing as a German Frau... She really doesn't sound phony at all...
The whole cast is actually pretty good in this tale about unlikely friendship in the worst of time...
While still being much different, it reminded me a bit of the movie "Joyeux Noel"...

This movie was also shot here in Quebec (in the Montreal area)... ;-)
February 18, 2008
A very moving true story.
February 14, 2008
Germany, WWII, true story
January 12, 2008
This was a very good movie. It was very well acted. It's based on a true story!
December 25, 2007
Takes two things that impact so many people. The first is the love and peace that Christmas is supposed to be that so many focus on. Then looks at the hatred of war, specifically the closing days of WWII. This movie had me crying as one woman brought German and Americal troops together in her poor cabin and leads both sides to see just how human each was. War is so evil, but our soldiers (both sides) are just doing a job for the country out of patriotism. In this case, both sides are loving people that just need to see that the enemy is just someone doing a job, to be fought, but not to hate. This is a movie I'm looking to buy as soon as I can.
December 22, 2007
perfect 4 everyone...
December 18, 2007
not quite the traditional twist on a Christmas movie or on that of the view of the Germans during WWII, but definitely in a good way.
December 9, 2007
i really liked this left me with a good feeling at the end.
December 8, 2007
Very good movie set in Germany during WWII at Christmas. Lessons about morality and humanity.
June 12, 2007
Probably one of my favorite movies. A tear-jerker, but still very good.
June 7, 2007
i like thiws movie because it tears down all the assumptions made on the Germans during WWII. It proves that they're just people, no different from us.
Super Reviewer
May 21, 2007
Silent Hill is more like it.
April 16, 2007
very good= worth watching
½ March 18, 2007
almost as good as silent hill.
½ January 12, 2007
I thought this was a good movie to watch because I like horor movies and this was on a war and it just had a great story line to it.
December 29, 2006
Want to see it again!
December 23, 2006
Cute little X-mas film. The characters are believable (I've seen some pretty bad soldiers who one can't believe went through a war lol). The part where Hans cries was a little weird though. I kept expecting him to say: "Germans have feelings too" in a whinny voice lol. I'm not sure if the story is true or not, but it's a nice thought anyway.
½ December 10, 2006
Quite a poor movie to say the least..... Certainly not worth the time to watch it.
July 26, 2006
A wonderful true Christmas story that took place during World War II
April 14, 2006
Simple and Dramatic. First somewhat-War movie that made me like what my brother is obsessed about.
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