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Critic Consensus: With an exploitative style that seems more suited for TV shows like CSI, Trade's message about the reality of child exploitation is easily lost.

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Adriana is a 13-year-old girl from Mexico City, whose kidnapping by sex traffickers sets in motion a desperate mission to save her by her 17-year-old brother, Jorge. Trapped and terrified by an underground network of international thugs who earn millions exploiting their human cargo, Adriana's only friend and protector throughout her ordeal is Veronica, a young Polish woman tricked into the trade by the same criminal gang. As Jorge dodges immigration officers and incredible obstacles to track the girls' abductors, he meets Ray, a Texas cop whose own family's loss to sex trafficking leads him to become an ally in the boy's quest.

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Kevin Kline
as Ray Sheridan
Anthony Crivello
as Det. Henderson
Pavel Lychnikoff
as Vadim Yochenko
Kathleen Gati
as Irina Silayeva
Marco Pérez
as Manuelo
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
as Vadim Youchenko
Guillermo Iván
as Alejandro
José Sefami
as Don Victor
Jorge Angel Toriello
as Ten Year Old Boy
Luz Itzel
as Moncho's Girl
Eren Zumaya
as Lovesick Girl
Norma Angélica
as Lupe's Neighbor
Anna Maria Horsford
as Detective Martinez
William Sterchi
as American Tourist
Mayahuel DelMonte
as Woman at Door
Kei-Kei Cadena
as Brazilian Girl
Fermín Martínez
as Mexican Policeman #1
Julio Escalero
as Mexican Policeman #2
John Wylie
as Pedophile in Reeds
Rio Alexander
as Armed Man
Maria Luisa Coronel
as Old Mexican Shopkeeper
J.D. Garfield
as High School Spanish Teacher
Matthew Timmons
as El Paso Border Guard
Bruce DeHerrera
as Detention Center Guard #1
Michael Carrillo
as Detention Center Guard #2
Dominick Chavez
as Detention Center Guard #3
Mike Hatfield
as El Paso Police Officer
Barbara Mayfield
as Waitress in Diner
Matthew McDuffie
as Pedophile in Diner
Rob DeBuck
as Motorcycle Cop at Diner
Grant Martin
as Police Officer at Diner
Boots Southerland
as Van Owner at Diner
Genia Michaela
as Hotel Receptionist
Ross Kelly
as Young New Jersey Officer
Jason Clarke
as New Jersey State Trooper
Aaron Lobato
as New Jersey Officer
Bo Greigh
as First Deputy, Texas
Josh Berry
as Second Deputy, Texas
Lena Baran
as Natasha
Larisa Eryomina-Wain
as Veronica's Mother
Elizabeth Leibel
as Travel Agent
Lisa Clugston
as Sarah Buchanan
Erika Clugston
as Sarah's Daughter
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Critic Reviews for Trade

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Heartfelt and fitfully suspenseful, it's grim, message-led stuff.

December 12, 2008 | Rating: 3/5

If only the whole matched the power and potency of the details. Masquerades as a searing exposé, but turns out to be a lurid and overwrought account.

December 12, 2008 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

As cinema, 'Trade' is flawed: the script is functional and the dry characters are hemmed in by the machinations of an unremarkable plot.

December 12, 2008 | Rating: 3/6 | Full Review…

This cockeyed odd-couple road movie is well-intentioned, but it comes perilously close to feeding off the crimes it condemns.

December 12, 2008 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

Is it possible to agree with what a film is saying while disliking the way it says it? Trade leaves no arm untwisted and no message unrammed.

December 12, 2008 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Jose Rivera's script plays uneasily, as do some of the directorial flourishes: the shots of rose stems and caged birds are galumphingly emphatic at moments that need no underlining.

December 12, 2008 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Audience Reviews for Trade

The less you know about this film, the more it hits you like a hammer. It follows a desperate Mexican boy who's adorable sister has been kidnapped into the USA, presumably as sex slave. After teaming up with cop Ray his chances get better, but it's still a hopeless race against time. The outstanding acting, cinematography and overall atmosphere of the film make for a highly uncomfortable feeling, intentionally so, of course. You can't help but hope for everything to turn out at least okay, but every set back makes you less optimistic about it. Thankfully, the film never gets preachy or dramatic just for drama's sake. For the longest time it's even painfully realistic, even if one of the later twists may be a tad too much. Still, this is gloomy, enthralling and disenchanting look on sex trafficking that should leave no one untouched.

Jens S.
Jens S.

Super Reviewer

Awesome movie about Child abduction and sexual slave trade that goes on throughout the world. This is about a 13 year old Mexican Girl who is abducted and what her 16 year old brother does to save her. Very enjoyable and eye opener. 5 stars

Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce

Super Reviewer


Great movie showing the darkness people are capable of doing to others. Very well acted and a sweet story of a brother doing all he can to help his sister with the help of a stranger. Tough to watch a few scenes, but it brings the necessary emotions.

Thomas Johnston
Thomas Johnston

Super Reviewer

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