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Critic Consensus: Stuffed with characters and overly reliant on uninspired dialogue, Eclipse won't win The Twilight Saga many new converts, despite an improved blend of romance and action fantasy.

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The third film in the Twilight series explores a love triangle between Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattinson), and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) as the werewolf pack and the Cullen clan join together to fight a new breed of vampires. Melissa Rosenberg provides the screenplay for the Summit Entertainment adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling novel, with director David Slade calling the shots behind the camera. Bryce Dallas Howard joins the cast as Victoria, the role originally played by Rachelle Lefevre in the first film. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

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Kristen Stewart
as Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson
as Edward Cullen
Taylor Lautner
as Jacob Black
Billy Burke
as Charlie Swan
Peter Facinelli
as Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Elizabeth Reaser
as Esme Cullen
Jackson Rathbone
as Jasper Hale
Kellan Lutz
as Emmett Cullen
Ashley Greene
as Alice Cullen
Nikki Reed
as Rosalie Hale
Gil Birmingham
as Billy Black
Paul Jarrett
as Mr. Biers
Iris Quinn
as Mrs. Biers
Kiowa Gordon
as Embry Call
Tyson Houseman
as Quil Ateara
Julia Jones
as Leah Clearwater
Alex Rice
as Sue Clearwater
Jack Huston
as Royce King
Peter Murphy
as The Cold One
William Belleau
as Quileute Warrior
Justin Rain
as Quileute Warrior
Monique Ganderton
as Beautiful Vampiress
Mariel Belanger
as Third Wife
Dawn Chubai
as Female Reporter
Cainan Wiebe
as Newborn Boy
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Critic Reviews for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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I blame the music for at least half of my naps tonight.

July 8, 2021 | Full Review…

Eclipse was cool and entertaining, once you got over the whole 'how the hell did this totally masochistic love affair become a worldwide phenomenon' thing.

July 8, 2021 | Full Review…

I wanted "terrible/AWESOME" and all we got was painfully terrible. I am upset.

July 8, 2021 | Full Review…

Not terrible/awesome like the first two films, which I really enjoyed. This was just plain terrible.

July 8, 2021 | Full Review…

Eclipse made me stabby when I read it... the movie version was only mildly less stupid.

July 8, 2021 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Nobody goes to these movies because they're well-written, or well acted. We go because Kristen Stewart looks good in a hoodie.

July 8, 2021 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

With awful dialogue, ridiculous plot contrivances and painful acting by everyone, this movie could be easily subtracted from the series without any loss - and it is actually a mystery how a poor narrative like this can be called a "saga" when nothing ever really happens.

Carlos Magalhães
Carlos Magalhães

Super Reviewer

More teenage angst and more brooding close ups galore. This franchise has a good story to be fair, after reading up on the whole thing its actually pretty neat and better than Harry Potters ever confusing character mad adventures. I realise this is probably based more towards teenage girls but one problem with this film series is the frustrating teen hormones and flirting *yawn* it really does get fudging annoying and wrecks a good supernatural idea, and yes I know that's the whole idea of the premise but its still damn annoying. Bella continuously goes around pissing off both male leads because she can't choose *groan* so she continuously flirts between the two. What's so daft about the whole thing is how all the vampires in one coven, and all the shape shifters in one pack go out of their way to protect and shelter Bella despite putting themselves in mortal danger all the time!! I wouldn't. In spite of many silly/annoying little factors this third film isn't actually too bad, the first was OK, the second was a little worse but this is better as we are in the thick of the plot now things are more interesting, we still gotta sit through allot of boring talk and teen love spewing but we do see some origin flashbacks for vamps and wolves plus a pretty good fight sequence at the end which makes up for allot of crapola. The CGI is still a touch dodgy with the wolves and generally nothing special but its just acceptable. Acting is more Aussie soap opera at best but again just acceptable. At the end I did find myself wanting to see the forth and final chapter so job done for the director. This is probably the first 'soap opera' flick franchise I've come across and I'm actually liking it so far!! more 'Buffy' meets 'Beverly Hills 90210' but some how it does appeal to me, probably the vampire fanboy inside. Its slowly getting good after a sluggish start so don't write it off too quickly.

Phil Hubbs
Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer


Eclipse is uninspiring and yet more action-based than its previous two installments. Though the action brings it up a step, the rest of its direction brings down further to the trenches. 2.5/5

Eugene Bernabe
Eugene Bernabe

Super Reviewer

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