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February 9, 2011
The story is simple and cliche, but actors and actresses have real experience in skating, so they act very well in the skating scenes.
February 6, 2011
LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE this movie <3
½ January 11, 2011
Ice Castles was an okay movie, although it felt like it was a bit unrealistic. The fall that left her blind, looked like she only slipped a little, and it was kind of a surprise when it turned out that the fall was so serious. Also, her adjustment to the tragedy didn't feel too realistic either and the father should've been more supportive and not so mad.
So, some parts of it didn't really feel real, but otherwise it was an entertainment and quite a good movie to watch.
January 9, 2011
This was a nice, fluffy, overcome-the-odds story, but one I've seen a million times before. It pretty much followed the formula to a science and wasn't quite deep enough to really capture my attention. This wasn't terrible, but I wasn't blown away, either.
January 1, 2011
the old one is better. it's the same story as the first one. just different actresses n actors.
November 5, 2010
Awful. Unecessary. Ridiculous.
½ October 29, 2010
A Remake, but I havent seen the first one. This movie was a tear jerker with a great story line, but you had to wait until nearly the end of the movie for her to go blind and then everything was rushed, the unknown actors was great all played there parts well and the skating was fantastic, the story was a great story but should of not took so long to get the main focus of the story,but saying that this is one to watch if you like chick flicks
½ October 22, 2010
the acting is horrible, but sweet story
October 16, 2010
Good movie! Plus there's music by Britt Nicole on here!
½ September 26, 2010
If you liked the original you'll like this one. They're almost identical.
September 10, 2010
What can i say about this movie
Magnificent !! Gorgeous !! Wonderful !! NO ... it's more than that
love , skiing , snow & angel face all that elements made that romantic movie
i love it so much
Super Reviewer
September 1, 2010
Okay movie about an ice skater. I haven't seen the original, so I have no bias against this version. One thing I really disliked was the soundtrack. Aside from that, it was okay. Nothing amazing, and found my attention wandering towards the end, though the skating scenes were good.
½ August 27, 2010
As enchanting, inspirational and sweet as the original version I watched when I was a teen! Lots of stars just because of the cozy feeling it is to bring back memories!
August 8, 2010
It was a good inspirational movie....!
July 31, 2010
I really enjoyed this, it was romantic and very interesting to watch. I have always lived figure skating so I thought the performances were really good. A nice easy watch.
July 30, 2010
Another fucking remake! Piss off!!
½ July 22, 2010
I wonder if the original was any better. This was no "Cutting Edge."
July 19, 2010
Absolutely Loved loved loved this movie!!!!!!!!!
July 17, 2010
Maybe it's not great movie and yes it's a remake !!! The screenplay is not perfect, would need deeper view on main characters, but still it shows a nice fight through struggle :) and a triumph at the end.
But on the other side the shooting of ice skating was just calmingly relaxing and hypnotizing :)
July 14, 2010
it's really good movie!!!
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