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As far as I know, I am not a father. I honestly don't think I'll ever want to be a father. There's a few reasons for that. I think that a large part of that is simply because I just don't feel like I'd be a good father. Sometimes people say shit like 'oh, well you don't know how good (or bad) of a father you'd be if you don't go through that experience yourself'. And I guess there's something to that in theory. But, here's the thing, we're not talking about adopting a puppy, cat or any other sort of animal. I'm not saying that there's no responsibility in 'raising' an animal, if it can be called that, but the pressure is obviously so much less. It's not that you get one chance at raising a child, since that's obviously not true for most people with children, but we're talking about a live human being, a human being that you need to shape into a productive member of society while also not scarring their lives in any way, shape or form. Nobody expects a parent to be perfect, most people just expect you to do your absolute best. And I feel that, if I were to ever become a father, I'd find a way to fuck it up. Not by intention, naturally, but sometimes things don't go the way you expect them to. I'm a firm believer of the old axiom that says that it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm not saying I'll never be a father, since things do happen, but I just feel that I wouldn't be any good at the job. I'll be too distant or cold or whatever. Having said that, and I don't even know why I started with this little diatribe, let's move on to this flick shall we? Where do I even start with this? I think first things first and that is the obvious comparison between this movie and 3 Men and a Baby. Hell, even the title (minus one word) is exactly the same, except that title is in German. Honestly, I don't really even remember much from 3 Men and a Baby, except that one scene where they sing to the baby. Or is that an episode of the Golden Girls? Who knows, maybe I'm confusing the two. Regardless, it's obvious that this is inviting comparison to the 80s "classic", which is (in and of itself) a remake of a 1985 French flick (I didn't know this until just now). I don't know about the French original, but the American remake definitely felt more family friendly. I don't think you can make the case for this one here, since this is, for the most part, a raunchy comedy. Having said that, as far as raunchy comedies are concerned, this is probably one of the tamest that I've ever seen. I mean, I get I guess why they added some raunchiness, but it sort of feels at odds with the movie's themes of Celal learning what it means to be a good father and brother. I feel that the movie's messages are more in tune with a lighter, family-oriented affair. Hey, I'm not complaining about the raunch, it's just that there's a dissonance between the raunchiness and the moral of the narrative. The story is simple. Celal and his two brothers, Sami and Mesut, are forced to take care of Celal's ex's daughter after she's put into a coma after an accident. The brothers own their deceased parents' bridal shop together and they're doing really badly. They're about to be evicted if they don't come up with 20,000 euros. The brothers find their parents' box full of gold and Celal sells it for 22,000 euros. To make more money, he decides to go to a casino and gamble it all away (all the while taking the baby with him). Let's just say that he loses the money and he doesn't tell his brothers. The rest of the movie sees him dealing with that, plus taking care of the baby and, also, trying to find a way to make 20,000 euros quickly to save their shop. Celal tries escort work, loans, among other means of making cash and none of these work out, naturally. Sami and Mesut also have their own little subplots. Sami with his anger-management classes after a particularly disastrous date with a woman (who's also in the same anger-management classes with him) and Mesut with his newfound adherence to the Muslim religion and his career as a musician floundering. As far as this is concerned, I thought it was perfectly decent little movie. I'm not gonna give this three stars, but if I was rating this on a scale of 10, and I did quarter ratings, I would give this 5.75 stars...or something. I don't know, I felt like I could say that I enjoyed myself while I was watching this. It obviously doesn't require too much of your brainpower to process, but the experience is largely pleasant. And I feel that the movie does a good job at guiding Celal through this path where he embraces fatherhood and being a better brother, since he was the one who got them into trouble with their landlord in the first place. And, honestly, those themes aren't always easy to pull off in films like these. What I mean is the fact that, in most cases, it just ends up feeling forced or heavy-handed. It doesn't feel earned or its sentimentality is gag-worthy. I don't feel that that is the case here. The bond between the brothers, while not out of the world, is still pulled off surprisingly well. And Celal's change, while par for the course for this type of flick, doesn't feel out of place. As far as comedy is concerned, the movie is not hilarious, but it doesn't need to be. Because, again, I think the bond between the brothers helps carry it forward. Casting is strong all around, there's no award winners here (or maybe there are), but they're all enjoyable and likable. And, surprisingly, the scenes with the baby aren't nauseating. I mean, they do rely on the cuteness of the baby, to be sure, but at least this baby has some sort of comic timing, if you can call it that. Really don't have much else to say about this flick. I definitely liked this more than the rating implies and I wouldn't have a problem recommending this if you have 90 minutes to kill and just want something pleasant to watch.

Jesse Ortega
Jesse Ortega

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