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July 13, 2013
Is he the one who taught you to punch like that? It'll come in handy when you are married.

A grandfather and his granddaughter live in the Midwest where they protect a large amount of gold they uncovered with some assistance from the local Indian tribe. A group of misfits traveling the countryside looking for a come-up finds the grandfather and granddaughter and terrorize them until they agree to give up their gold. Will the men get their gold or will the grandfather and granddaughter outsmart them?

Robert Webb, director of The Cape Town Affair, Seven Women from Hell, Pirates of Tortuga, Guns of Timberland, Love me Tender, The Proud Ones, and The Glory Brigade, delivers The Jackals. The storyline for this picture is fairly unpredictable and has some nice twists. The action scenes are interesting and the acting is very good. The cast includes Vincent Price, Diana Ivarson, Robert Gunner, and Bill Brewer.

When I DVR'd this picture I thought it would be a western. It is set with a western backdrop but I would consider this more of a thriller with clever subplots and creative characters and character development. This is an underrated picture that is worth at least one viewing, especially for fans of Vincent Price.

"There are five of us and we usually get what we want."
"Not around here."

Grade: B
April 19, 2012
While it is a low budget production that watches like a TV movie, it tells a simple but powerful story of corruption and revenge. This is the type of movie that should be remade today.
September 20, 2009
great visual of what an M-16 can do. woo hoo.
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