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December 28, 2012
Anna Karenina 1985 with Jacueline Bisset, Christopher Reeve and Paul Scofield gets a 61% favorable audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the 2012 version trails with 60%. We saw them both yesterday, thanks to Kahala Theater and Netflix, and I think the audience is generous with the tedious, artsy-fartsy new Anna. For me it was Dancing with the Stars (way too much dancing) with the stagecraft of Our Town (whose innovative staging was great for middle America but not Imperial Russia. ) Surprisingly, even Christopher Reeve gets an acting nod and physically made a better Count Vronsky than the forgettable blond pretty boy who plaid him in 2012. Bisset beats Knightly as more human and convincing as a woman in mad love. With Jude Law, with the best performance in the new version by far, and Schofield, it's a tie, although they had entirely different interpretations of the cuckolded husband. Saddest miscasting in 2012 was taking those really great leading ladies from Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey and giving them totally unworthy roles, although they were able to outshine Kiera Knightly whose (SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen any of the 12 movie versions) sudden demise in the final frames leaves not a wet eye in the house. (Yes, I know this highly choreographed movie tried really hard to be amazing, but that was part of the problem. Tolstoy raw is better than anything Hollywood can dance out onto the stage.) Unless you're really into watching pretty people dance in Russian costume, skip this one.
½ July 23, 2012
Powerful performances makes this classic story a good watch. Nothing could be better than reading the novel itself which I should do sometime. Bisset is superb and Reeve is pretty good too albeit in a supporting role. Well directed and edited.
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July 25, 2011
Jacqueline Bisset gives a heartfelt reading of the great Russian heroine and is at perhaps the peak of her beauty having past her girlish prettiness and entered into an exquisite loveliness. The awesome Paul Scofield commands the screen every second he is present and makes the cuckolded husband's anguish and sense of betrayal and the cruelty that is the result understandable. Christopher Reeve cuts a dashing figure and gives it his best shot but his costars simply act rings around him. Try and see the full version which runs about 3 hours.
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