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June 5, 2010
A brilliant piece.
The lead characters are portrayed splendidly but for me its Rahul Bose who stands out in this emotionally touching movie.Raima Sen is perfect in the role of a lonely housewife who bathes in insecurity and Rajat Kapoor plays the ignorant husband with ease.Rituparna Sengupta is good as the housewife.
The poignancy in the storytelling,the inter play between the lead characters and the cinematography all blows u away with its brilliance and subtlety.
The ending takes u aback and is gut wrenching.
Pathos at the end never really leave you..
½ March 2, 2010
It's sometimes saddening to see a director leveraging shock therapy to put a conclusive remark on spectator's minds. This movie has enough materials to prosper without that - a sweet, romantic couple, another lonely wife deprived of her better half's attention and wanting to get rid of the shackles, a prospective extra-marital affairs although I have to appreciate the idea of 'undefined relationship'; still the film abruptly ends in with heartache. Nevertheless, it's a delectable drama with inspired casting (both of the leading ladies are ravishingly sensuous and enigmatic on screen) and overall, magnificent, jaw-dropping view of the majestic Kanchenjunga.
May 3, 2009
an insightful look into the relationships beyond the ideas of ethics and morality.. very thought provoking!
½ January 8, 2009
lousy....waste of money....cud invest in a better film.....
September 3, 2008
This is one movie I wish I hadn't seen the dubbed in Hindi version of. It took away (I have reasons to believe this) much of the essence of being a Bengali, and being divided into a world of individualism, bonding and the larger society. Still, I loved the premise, the question marks it put on the traditional view of relationships.
August 20, 2008
an interesting film - thought provoking in some parts....worth the time...
½ June 11, 2008
Honestly, I could not understand this movie...there are these 2 couples who have their problems and somehow, their lives cross...nice build-up till that point, but then I fail to see logic in the actions of these people...all ends up in an anti-climax...may be my EQ is not good enough to appreciate such movies...
Performances are good though, and hence 1.5 stars :-)
½ June 10, 2008
all about human relationships and as for me, i cannot do with it.. hence the appeal was awesome.
a developing bond and closeness with someone so barred and unknowingly is so beautiful.
the ending though was quite expected, i kept my fingers crossed for a different ending but never the less a thoughly well enacted film, with a good plot, good actors and a very thought provoking message.
It will take time for me to keep it in the back rack of memory.
Bose and Raima... too good!! it just could not have been better than this, wonder how well the Bengali version must have been!
June 3, 2008
love rahul but this kinda sucked.
May 25, 2008
It was bad with the Hindi dubbing...
½ May 21, 2008
A must see for all young couples.... Its a beautiful potray of fast life in big cities.
May 4, 2008
You know it is a Bengali movie when you see one. Full of art, beauty, reality and sensitivity. Anuranan...the resonance between relationships, that between life and death, between nature and human. Rahul Bose, my all time favorite doing a character no one else could have done better. Relationships don't need a name, bonds don't need timing or a lifetime to found, a chord can be struck in a second leaving the impression of a lifetime. The breathtaking scenes of the mountains, only reminds you what a small part one is of the universe and there is so much beyond and more important than you!
April 12, 2008
A refreshing, thought proving Bengali movie after a long time. I thought it brought up intersesting discussion on relationships between partners and how our communities view platonic relatonships between men and women with a critical eye. Raima Sen and Rahul Bose in particular were brilliant.
½ April 10, 2008
Mind blowing...Rahul Bose. You have to watch it to believe it.
½ April 9, 2008
Don't ever see it. Throughout the movie I was trying to understand what it is about.
April 8, 2008
Good movie..... tho the climax was kinda disappointing but made sense.... Rahul Bose was good as usual... Rituparna was adequate... Raima was also good.... story was well narrated.... I loved the way Sikkim was shown.... makes u wanna visit the place... amazing cinematography... back ground score was lacking in quality.. definitely would recommend this movie...
½ March 13, 2008
Well made film and well performed, the story follows two couples and the events that occure that change their lives forever. Rahul Bose is in top form once again, Raima Sen proves once again why she chooses the right films to act in, Rajat Kapoor and Rituparna Sengupta support the cast well. The story plays heavy with one's emotion in the finale. Excellent Drama.
February 21, 2008
the plot had a lot of potential. But the movei was just badly made.
½ February 14, 2008
Refreshing....a new genre of bengali movies..!!!
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