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½ May 21, 2017
Amber Benson looks good, and the Gryphon looks so bad that it's hilarious. Otherwise, a bland plethora of "meh".
½ January 21, 2012
Película de ficción donde dos reinos enfrentados deben unir fuerzas ante un enemigo común.
½ May 9, 2011
i'm about 30 seconds in, and it already looks to be a derivative pile of manure. The CG gryphon looks totally convincing, though ;)
January 30, 2011
Pretty good for a B movie.
December 4, 2010
This movie truly isn't bad. It has some quality performances, an ok story, and is well shot. But the special effects. My god the special effects! They are the worst CGI effects I've ever seen in my life! They ruin this film!!! Amber Benson could have almost made this work, but the effects are laughable.
½ August 2, 2008
3.5/10. Pretty lame fantasy adventure film. I am not too into this sort of film as it is, so I was bored through most of it. Unimpressive special effects and acting.
March 18, 2008
"Attack of the Gryphon" is an amazingly horrible movie, taking bad acting to the beyond. With a far-fetched storyline about a traitorous sorcerer in the middle ages who summons a gryphon for his king, which he then turns against their "kingdom", it's almost impossible to be serious about this. There are several unlovable characters, from a troublesome and airheaded knight to the sorceror's aids, with breasts about as large as the ego of this movie and clothing as skimpy as the budget. Though it includes interesting art on the DVD cover, along with an impressive gryphon's head on the DVD disk, this Gryphon is only spotted as a poorly animated behemoth with cardbord movements and unrealistically flappy wings. Not too sure if you care about spoilers, so I'll share how the hero and the stronger and bolder princess have sex just past the halfway mark. Not too fun at all, scary if anything. By the end, the sorceror "melts" into blood in his faraway and "extremely desolate tower", with a Gryphon at his command and two harpies by his side. It's a grossly gory scene, but there are too many B-Movie antics for it to be an enjoyable movie, overall. There is also a "grouping" between the two "kingdoms" who were fighting before, a peace/truce call between them. A good way to cover up a lack of imagination, but not good enough to cover the sappy acting. It reminded me of a furniture commercial- good for a commercial, not good for a movie. It's so corny, so egoistical, and unless you want to have a little fun with your movies and enjoy watching movies so ridiculous they are somehow funny, don't bother with THIS.

Rent it for a laugh of pity. Scratch that, don't rent it at all. B-Movies are usually bad, but this one's pretty bad. The only pros are the artwork put into the movie, some of the scenes are somewhat interesting (bullshit gryphon duels and a knight statue comes to life) and nice box art. Otherwise, it deserves what I said.

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