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February 8, 2014
Really barely even worth your time, as it has none of the magic of the first film.
May 3, 2009
i want to watch this movie but i dont know how to do it ..... some one help me thanxs
March 29, 2009
It's a definite decline from the first. It doesn't carry the same kind of mischief but it does carry over that family movie sentiment.
March 27, 2009
A classic sequel, good if you're a kid and bored on a Friday night.
September 9, 2008
wonderfull story line and great ending....
½ June 23, 2008
A bit cornier than the first even, but it was cute still. I liked it, for it's simplicity.
½ June 21, 2008
The first one was definitely better, but this is still cute. Kids are less mischevious, but a grown up pair replaces them.
February 19, 2008
More like the first part ... an okay movie to watch with the family but quie predictable
February 17, 2008
Better than the first!
December 25, 2007
mayhem and chaos is back once again in Au Pair 2!
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