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½ September 6, 2017
I'm really sorry that I cannot find a copy of this movie to watch. I've not seen it in many years. It was a favorite of mine and my friends when we were youngsters and watched it whenever it was shown on television. I'd love to see how it holds up to my recollections. We loved Wallace Beery.
July 18, 2014
Bad Bascomb is a Classic & should be shown more often--Long John Silver Goes West... A D-A-R-L-I-N-G of a western!!
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October 3, 2011
Margaret O'Brien is one of the most adorable and articulate child actors ever, and her chemistry with anyone on screen is always magical. Here with Wallace Beery -- his love interest, so to speak -- that chemistry is unmistakable. Despite the copious amounts of bloodshed in this one, it is still a comedy. O'Brien heals Beery with her child's amorous ways, reforming him and transforming him from a hard-boiled outlaw to an altruistic, self-sacrificing human being. Oddly enough, the ending is not a typically comic one. We are left with the impression that Beery's optimism about his return may actually be just that, and he might actually never return.
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