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May 9, 2021
This story is set in the later season of Batman the Animated series when the animation switched to be more like the Superman adventures. It's not a bad story and keeps you guessing for the most part.
½ April 4, 2019
I'll be the first to admit. I didn't actually watch too much of The New Batman Adventures which was a direct sequel to the Batman: The Animated Series. This movie is based on the new adventures, but being a fan of DC comics it wasn't too tough to follow along with what was going on. Batman (Kevin Conroy) and Robin (Eli Marienthal) spot a new heroine named Batwoman stopping an arms deal one night. Soon enough the mysterious Batwoman begins focusing on taking down the Penguin (David Ogden Stiers) and his crew. Batman and Robin start to investigate why she is doing this and also what her identity is. Batman has three main suspects Kathy Duquesne (Kimberly Brooks) is a crime boss daughter, Dr. Rocky Ballantine (Kelly Ripa) a Wayne Tech employee, and finally Sonia Alcana (Elisa Gabrielli) a new detective in Gotham. All three seem to have a motive for it all, but why? The twist to the movie is pretty obvious and I spotted it from the get go. The animation is well done and cleaner than the older Batman Animated Series, but I sort of prefer the older look. The movie is just very basic. The plot isn't that big of a deal and for the most part I just didn't care what happened here. There aren't many big action sequences and for the most part the film is pretty forgettable. For most fans I would say skipping this one isn't gonna make much of a difference.
March 30, 2019
Dumb, predictable twist. A waste of the Batwoman character for the DCAU
½ July 26, 2018
Mystery of the Batwoman feels like a production team running out of steam, it's still competent, but comes across less inspired and less sophisticated than the TV series it derives from. This is especially apparent in the way it re-treads the first Batman animated movie, combined with elements from one of the villains' earlier episodes. Although the detective story is arguably stronger than in Mask of the Phantasm, it doesn't have the depth of character, and the atmosphere and the stakes are missing this time.
June 28, 2018
A genuine mystery with an unexpected twist as part of a well-written story accompanied by lovely unusual inserted music for the titular subjected heroine, although at the same time not as deep, on any level, as the other films on the caped crusader when it's more on the influential side this time for a fresh introduction. (B+)

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June 17, 2018
Fun Story with a great twist. Voice acting is great just like the animated series and a great story is told. A nice final chapter of the new Batman adventures
½ January 27, 2018
Essentially an extended episode of the show, Batman - Mystery of the Batwoman is as uninteresting as it is forgettable. The twist was predictable and cliché, Batman seems to forget who he is, as he appears as Bruce Wayne far more often, and Robin and Batgirl are forgotten for Bruce's forced romance with all three of the woman in this movie. The animation is standard for DC, that is incredibly well done, and as always the highlight of the experience. A lackluster script, with the standard skills of the show (that are of course substantial), Mystery of the Batwoman is one to miss.
November 25, 2017
Suspensful way to hold off the true identity of the Batwoman. Kevin Conroy is back as the voice of Batman with returning villains & new faces. The score could've been better but the stakes were high & Plot was interesting. Dialogue was good, Action is fun & we really see Bruce Wayne put his detective skills to the test.
½ October 4, 2017
batwoman,what the hell!???!!?
September 4, 2017
Ok so I like this movie a lot and the key is to find out who is bat woman! Will Batman be able to face Penguin and Bain and discover who bat woman is it's all pressure on Batman but I think he can do it! It's a good classic I will say
½ August 28, 2017
The Worst of The Animated Series tie in movies but there's some fun to be had here.
Updated - Compared to Batman/Harley Quinn(2017), Mystery Of The Batwoman feels like Mask Of The Phantasm.
May 2, 2017
I'm a fan of this Batman movie! Can batman figure out who is Bat Woman, and fight the penguin and Bane all that can be answered when you see this!!
March 18, 2017
Lighter in tone than most of the other animated Batman movies, Mystery of the Batwoman makes up for its flaws with expectedly excellent voice acting and some fun, exhilarating action sequences.
March 16, 2017
This movie was fantastic and exciting it had a good plot and new characters. This movie is a Mistry movie try to figure out who Bat Woman could be! I like the villain named Penguin and Bane they make good villains especially penguin I like penguin a lot I like how he has a place called the iceberg lounge where people can eat. Now something about Penguin that I find cool is he has an umbrella all the time with him and you would think it's a umbrella but really it's a gun I think like it makes a good disguise thinking that penguin does not have weapons but really he does. So will Batman find out who Bat woman is? And can Batman stop his enemies? All that can be revealed when you see the movie!
Super Reviewer
December 10, 2016
Good action and a very good plot but I found it to be very boring at times, I did enjoy the twist near the end, I think the main problem is I never considered Penguin to be a great villain but if you do then you might enjoy it more than me.
August 24, 2016
A nice little spin off from the legendary 90's Batman animated series. Mystery of the Batwoman maintains the shows unique neo-Gothic styling, 40's style architecture combined with more modern technology. It's a shame though that the story cannot keep up with the fantastic animation.

I found the general mystery of the titular Batwoman to be pretty uninteresting, especially with how unsympathetic I felt about the options for just who she could be. It is however nice to have both Penguin and an intelligent version of Bane in as villains among the countless nameless goons.

Mystery of the Batwoman is a nice watch, but feels a little too much like an extended episode of the TV series. Not sure how I feel about that bizarre 007 esque theme tune either.
½ August 21, 2016
I don't get why the user reviews are slightly negative. I really liked this movie. It's definitely not my favorite of the DCAU Batman films, but it's still good. It's better than the shitty animated "New 52" Batman movies!
½ August 8, 2016
Not particularly interesting.
½ February 23, 2016
I am a huge animation fan and a big Batman fan also. While I found the story entertaining the art was sub-par. It looks too much like the TV series. O.K., I can live with that, the thing that bothers me the most is that the creative team can't decide what century the story is in. You see computers with flat screen LCD monitors, the bad guys are making plasma rifles but all the cars and trucks (except Batman) are from the 1940's and 50's. No wonder GCPD needs Batman if they're using 60 yr old tech. Maybe Wayne Enterprises should help fund the police force? The last problem I have is the architecture. It's all from 1900 to 1930. Everything is Art-Deco. I didn't see one glass and steel sky scraper in Gotham and again the police station is an antique joke. Come on guys, at least put everything in the same decade!
January 20, 2016
Love it as a child and I still love it to this day
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