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Critic Consensus: This narrative retelling of the real life tragedy in Haditha is gripping and immediate but may sacrifice the subtleties of history for dramatic impact.

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The fate of two cultures becomes locked on a tragic collision course in director Nick Broomfield's dramatization of the events that led to the massacre of 24 Iraqi men, women, and children by American Marines. A squadron of American soldiers goes speeding across the Iraqi desert in a convoy of armored Humvees, eventually stopping at a local store where the soldiers jump out to stretch and browse the DVD selection. Meanwhile, as the Marines strike up a conversation with the young male clerk behind the counter, two Iraqi men climb into the back of a pick-up truck to get a crash course in IED mechanics. Both the Marines and the Iraqis are simply going about their daily business as usual, just doing their best to survive in a land where war is just another fact of life. For the Marines it's all about patrolling the desert and waiting for the next bomb to go off. When a roadside IED kills one Marine and wounds two others, the vengeance with which the American soldiers strike back at the locals may cause even the most hard-line warhawks to take pause and consider the true cost of a war which has no end in sight.

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Elliot Ruiz
as Cpl. Ramirez
Andrew McClaren
as Capt. Samson
Matthew R. Knoll
as Cpl. Matthews
Vernon Gaines
as Lcpl. Sosa
Nathan De La Cruz
as Cpl. Marcus
Jayse Willette
as Pfc. Cuthbert
Tony Spencer
as Pfc. Roberts
Antonio Tostado
as Lcpl. Jimenez
Ali Adill Aj-Kaa
as Iraqi Translator
Ali Adill Aj
as Kaa-Iraqi Translator
Ibrahim Fuad
as Abdullah
Majd Hijjawi
as Woman Shot in Street
Jeffery Nabil
as Ahmad's Son
Rita Nabile
as Ahmad's Daughter
Murtada Namir
as Foreign Fighter
Fahed Borhan
as Foreign Fighter
Adnan Ahmad
as Foreign Fighter
Shala'a Ghali
as Foreign Fighter
Huda Jaseb
as Foreign Fighter
Salem Ait Ali Belkacem
as Foreign Fighter
Rafic Ali Ahmad
as Foreign Fighter
Nabil Emmanuel
as Foreign Fighter
Muna Jaseb
as Foreign Fighter
Doa'a Jaseb
as Foreign Fighter
Nick Shakoor
as Pfc. Hanoon
Danny Martinez
as Lcpl. Santos
Joe Chacon
as Lcpl. Lopez
Yehyea Fuad
as Abdul Rahman
Adra'a Fuad
as Abdulhamied Daughter
Hakim Fuad
as Abdulhamied Son
Hikmat Fuad
as Abduhamied Daughter
Hussain Fuad
as Abduhamied Son
Adel Odebat
as Jafar's Uncle
Raheem Majid
as Uncle Jehad
Abbas Ghanim
as Mr. Yunis
Iman Razza
as Um Mahmood
Ibtisam Shamarie
as Grandmother
Hameed Sahy
as Uncle Fleyih
Shukrieh Hameed
as Fleyih's Wife
Bahram Sahy
as Fleyih's Son
Munther Jabbar
as Night Raid 1 Family Member
Sundus Munther
as Night Raid 1 Family Member
Rafl Munther
as Night Raid 1 Family Member
Revan Munther
as Night Raid 1 Family Member
Rania Munther
as Night Raid 1 Family Member
Rosanna Munther
as Night Raid 1 Family Member
Ali Majid
as Night Raid 2 Family Member
as Night Raid 2 Family Member
Suad Hatas Ali
as Night Raid 2 Family Member
Noor Hussain Ali
as Night Raid 2 Family Member
Aram Ali
as Night Raid 2 Family Member
Saidar Ali
as Night Raid 2 Family Member
Zamily Lafta
as Night Raid 3 Family member
Sabeeha Flefel
as Night Raid 3 Family Member
Mokhlis Zamil
as Night Raid 3 Family Member/Extra
Soa'ad Mokhlis
as Night Raid 3 Family Member
Mazen Zamil
as Night Raid 3 Family Member/Extra
Helen Zamil
as Night Raid 3 Family Member
Maher Zamil
as Night Raid 3 Family Member/Extra
Marzan Mokhlis
as Night Raid 3 Family Member
Hamzeh Zedan
as Person at Party
Aseel Zedan
as Person at Party
Laith Zedan
as Person at Party
Hanan Sami
as Person at Party/Extra
Huthaifa Albnna
as Person at Party
Ayham Baha'a
as College Boy
Hussam Karim
as College Boy
Sam Yehya
as College Boy
Naseem Baha'a
as College Boy
Ali Odebat
as Olive Tree Man
Yasser Yehya
as Taxi Driver
Kibril Hambel
as Major General Richard Kipper
Wil Wright
as Marine Extra
Hassan M. Al Amiri
as Marine Extra
Adnad Alaker
as Marine Extra
M.F. Abdallah
as Marine Extra
Omar M.S. Suleiman
as Marine Extra
Ahmad Ala'a
as Iraqi Soldier
Sabah Abed
as Iraqi Soldier
Salah Abd Al Amir
as Iraqi Soldier
Saqar Soudi
as Iraqi Soldier
Ali Gies
as Extra
Aws Asaad
as Extra
Ban Amjad
as Extra
Marie Ali
as Extra
Ali Thahb
as Extra
Rami Rfi
as Extra
Esra Ali
as Extra
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Critic Reviews for Battle for Haditha

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A bold effort to grapple with what truth lies behind these images, rather than to simply throw one's hands up in the face of them

August 8, 2009 | Full Review…

Lacking in subtlety and nuance, Broomfield's nerve-jangling movie nonetheless succeeds in showing the war from various vantage points. And from wherever one's standing, the view is profoundly disturbing.

May 30, 2008 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…

Films about the Iraq war continue to come and, I hope, will keep coming. Among the most recent, The Battle for Haditha is especially notable.

May 27, 2008

It might just be the movie this war has been waiting for.

May 9, 2008

Unsubtle but gripping, Battle For Haditha illustrates how a military that treats every man, woman, and child as a potential enemy can soon find that such thinking constitutes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

May 8, 2008 | Rating: B | Full Review…
Top Critic

I can't begin to describe how creepy this futuristic movie is.

May 7, 2008 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Battle for Haditha


This film apparently pissed off every Marine out there. Any movie that inspires THAT much emotion is noteworthy....but this is a gut wrenching film! This movie did a good job of showing all sides of this tragic circumstance, in my opinion. I felt horrible for everyone involved...and I was left sickened to the core.

Cynthia S.
Cynthia S.

Super Reviewer

A modern warfare movie about a terrible massacre of Iragi people. Nick Broomfield is better known for his documents then movies. "Battle for Haditha" has a documentary feeling, focusing on the Marines as well as the Iraqi insurgents and locals. Based on a true story where 24 innocent local Iraqs were killed, "Haditha" portrays well the madness of today. Innocent people suffer because of war. It feels realistic and it is not a joy to watch it. If you think of it as a normal war movie, "Haditha" doesn't stand out. It's slowpaced but because of its story, people interested about the Irag war should see it.

Jani H
Jani H

Super Reviewer

Believably brutal study of a military engagement gone horrifically wrong. Did make me wonder how often this must happen and it is simply covered up.

Gordon Anderson
Gordon Anderson

Super Reviewer

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