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½ July 30, 2011
not as good as i thought it was but love the line " ELTON GET BACK IN THAT TOILET WHERE YOU BELONG " :P lol
December 18, 2009
I really love "Beautiful Joe" ,so I tend to overrate it (It should be a 7 at most)...
Cute ,heartwarming comedy and drama.Did I mention that is also an action movie?
Sharon Stone plays very well her lunatic role and the kids are awesome (Gil Bellowe,Jurnee Smollett).
One of those "why not believe in happy endings" movies.
You won't be disappointed of this one
September 17, 2008
Good way to spend some time.
½ September 17, 2008
another bad girl role
January 5, 2008
Brilliant film and really good to see another side of Billy Connolly.
November 2, 2007
Connolly makes the movie work
September 5, 2007
billy connolly is in it need I say more!
½ July 31, 2007
I think the story and the acting was really simple. Especially in the begining, but itīs giving us a good message.
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