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August 10, 2010
Early exploitation film was marketed through the roadshow technique, with a carnival type crew carrying the film from town to town, advertising the hell out of it as an "adults only" film for "sexual hygeine education" and moving on the next week. Nobody was interested in the preachy storyline (premarital sex leads to endless woe!), but rather the "shock reel" consisting of all kinds of nasty medical footage: frontal nudity, venereal diseases of all shapes and sizes, and a live childbirth as the capper. Certainly a sight to behold in the late 40s, but rather tame when compared with today's gallery of internet horrors.

Camp lovers will get a kick out of the bad acting and heavy handed, wrong headed moral: women should be obedient to their husbands and never leave the house for any reason, men should keep it in their pants until marriage and avoid brothels at all costs. "Because of Eve" is otherwise execrable.
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