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September 28, 2012
Fuzzy black and white, poor sound quality - but irreplaceable. It's like looking through a crack at another, now almost forgotten world, filled with mocking satire of social classes that no longer exist and humor that's lost its edge. Yet I was fascinated, enchanted even. Just a remarkable relic.
September 24, 2012
Provides many laughs
November 30, 2011
I had never heard of this until a professor mentioned in her comments on a paper, which is astonishing considering how historically important it is. Beyond the Fringe was a live sketch comedy revue show first performed in London in 1960, and basically invented British satire as we now know it. Monty Python, A Bit of Hugh & Laurie, Black Adder, Alan Partridge - all of those silly British comedies might well owe their existence to this show. What I saw was a recording of the show's final performance in 1964, and while some of the humor now seems dated or overly dry, most of it still works very well today. The show was mostly written by Peter Cook, though all four members of the cast did have some role in writing it. The cast includes Cook, Alan Bennett (who would go on to become a playwright whose works include The Madness of King George and The History Boys), Jonathan Miller, and Dudley Moore. They were all quite young and quite silly, but also brilliant in much of their timing and delivery. The protracted sequences of Dudley Moore playing the piano wear a bit thin, but other sketches, such as the long World War II one and the one about the one-legged man, are very funny. There's a lot of delightfully dry British wit; in a monologue about T. E. Lawrence, Bennett says, "They said there was something feminine in his makeup. But makeup is not inherently feminine, and he wore it ever so discreetly." While not everything in it works anymore and one sketch is pretty racist, this is overall a very funny and unbelievably important contribution to the history of comedy and satire.
April 3, 2010
The Goons were most certainly the granddaddies of the absurdist British comedy familiar to all of us, and the Beyond the Fringe revue continued this tradition, upping the ante. Not only is this performance hilarious, but it doubles as a very cool historical document. And if you crave more Cook and Moore, be sure to check out the "Best of...What's Left of...Not Only...But Also" DVD, "Bedazzled", and of course, "The Bedsitting Room".
December 30, 2009
Provides many laughs
May 28, 2009
Hilarious sketch comedy. I especially enjoyed the "One Leg too Few" (Cook and Moore) sketch, as well as Dudley's piano playing sketches, although I'd have to say my favourite of all was "Sitting on the Bench" with Peter Cook.
January 12, 2009
"Beyond the Fringe" is a revealing look at one of the performances by the rather droll British comedy group of the same name. The entire show is made up of disconnected skits and musical performances, many of which are quite funny and brilliantly conceived. All 4 actors are brilliant and delightful to watch! A couple of my favorite skits include "The Great Train Robbery" and "Sitting on the Bench", and I also love Dudley Moore's musical contributions!
November 25, 2008
British comedy at it's best. Lots of great sketches and funny moments (Great Train Robbery, Aftermyth of War, and of course One Leg Too Few). Truly brilliant!
October 12, 2008
absolutely germinal and quite probably seminal .... comedy that does not stoop to laugh. Genesis 27:11
June 6, 2007
Worth it, but not as funny as it's cracked up to be.
May 7, 2007
March 28, 2007
A Classic. Not the greatest visually, but the performances more than make up for 1960 technology. Comedy students, this is a must see!
February 11, 2007
Where would comedy be without this show?
April 6, 2006
The Funniest movie i have EVER SEEN!!!!!!!! Sophisticated humor... very upper class
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