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½ June 17, 2009
Well made...sweet movie i guess.........good relaxed watch..........
May 6, 2009
well umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch..its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie...i think that brian tochi, burt young, dan mccabe, jack gilpin, john heard, kentaro yoshida, pat morita, ricky ullman, ronny cox play good roles/parts throughout this movie...its a really beautifully directed movie...i think that the director of this drama movie had done a great job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie its a brilliant movie 2 watch n its really enjoyable 2 watch
½ May 6, 2009
This is life-affirming stuff, although not exactly high on plot or settings. It's all dialogue on and around the golf course which acts as the common bond, but it does require being in the mood for it.
July 9, 2008
Super Reviewer
April 4, 2008
I only caught this film half way through, but enjoyed the part that I saw and thought it was a great idea for a film.
I?m sure my rating would be higher if I?d managed to watch the whole film.
November 30, 2007
I sat down to watch this film because I like golf and I thought it would be an easy way to pass 90 mins. What surprised me is that I enjoyed the film greatly. The cast of well known supporting stars took the chance to create a wonderful piece of work. The story was easy to follow and actually made sense, the feelings expressed about friendship and renewal were sentimental but not overplayed - it was just a nice piece of film making. As a fully paid up member of the "men don't cry in public" club - this was only one of very few occasions when a film moved me to tears. More films like this and I will be forced to resign from the club!
½ November 21, 2007
A sweet tale of friendship. Its highs and lows over the years. Told over several rounds of golf this film gives you a feeling of loss at the end that you, the viewer have missed out on something, not having a friendship like theirs. This is not my usual first choice of film but at £1 I felt that the list of actors warranted the purchase.
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