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½ February 12, 2014
Rare opportunity to see Cape Town circa 1967, also has James Brolin and Jacky Bisset--Pick-Up On De Villiers St!!
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April 26, 2012
Choppy, poorly directed remake of Pickup on South Street. James Brolin while attractive is bland in the lead never approaching the lowdown grit that Richard Widmark effortlessly gave the character in the original. This was one of Jacqueline Bisset's first roles and her inexperience is evident although at least part of the blame belongs with the director since her next few films, with stronger directors, show a marked improvement over her work here. Unsurprisingly the best performance in the film comes from Claire Trevor as the frowsy Sam but even she doesn't match the peerless performance of Thelma Ritter, considered by many her best work, in the first film. This was Claire's last film for 15 years until she made a delightful return as Sally Field's mother in Kiss Me Goodbye, a much better film than this, and then permanently retired. As for the rest of the film, everybody else gives terrible performances, scenes either just stop or start with a good deal of narrative flow missing and the photography is washed out and overly bright. Not an estimable credit on anybody's resume.
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October 29, 2011
A very young James Brolin and a young and beautiful Jacqueline Bisset play in this Communist Espionage film. Yes communist have invaded South Africa and there after micro fish film that James Brolin lifted in Jacqueline Bissetts purse. Everyone is after James the cops, international security and the communist. It appears to be a movie for late night TV. Amazing to see the American Cars that at onetime lined the streets of international locations. That's what's wrong with America today, But the film is worth 3 stars.
½ May 3, 2011
The Cape Town Affair was a waste of time to film. It is about South African secret agents who attempt to retrieve a confidential microfilm. James Brolin did his best with what he was given. The film was badly scripted and boring. Robert D. Webb tried to make the re-make work but failed. I would not recommend this movie.
½ June 1, 2010
story seems way too familiar here its been done b-4 yet this version hold up pretty well.
½ March 28, 2010
The ridiculously low prices charged for the DVD of ‚??The Cape Town Affair‚?? should have been a warning. The story seemed promising enough (after all, this is a remake of ‚??Pickup on South Street‚?? from 1953), and indeed it is the lesser of all evils in this movie. Then again, even the story has its flaws, for in its bare essentials, it is far too simple. It‚??s only the smokescreen of people being complicatedly involved in the affair that makes it seem pleasantly intricate. Moreover, there are some elements lacking in clarity and/or logic: you‚??ve got to be pretty gullible not to suspect your ‚??friends‚?? to be commies when there‚??s a Chinaman in the room claiming the microfilm with the secret info. And why did the police cock up in such a way in the end? They exposed their decoy (Candy, played by Jacqueline Bisset) to extreme dangers that could have been avoided. And was Skip McCoy (James Brolin) also cooperating with the police during the final action scene or was he acting on his own accord? Not very clear. For the rest, the movie excels in clumsiness, especially in the actors‚?? performances. I don‚??t know who is the worst performer, but the guy playing Joey (John Whiteley) seems a promising winner in this department. His acting career listed on IMDb says it all. Clumsy action scenes, clumsy recital of lines, silly additional characters (Claire Trevor as Sam, the tie-selling snitch), occasionally silly background music, etc., etc. Brolin and Bisset are giving it their best shot, but they are in no way capable of saving this poor production. The Cape Town images could have soothed some of the viewer‚??s pain, but unfortunately they were few and far between.
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