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May 16, 2009
Awesome disco dancing, Bigfoot family, drunken redneck trappers, annoying children, evil local rich guy obsessed with capturing said Bigfoot, what more could you ask for ? Not much !
September 13, 2008
This would be an awesome movie if it were 1979 and you'd never seen a movie before. Bigfoot is a big white fluffy thing that howls like a cat in heat. The music is the equivalent of Tangerine Dream throwing up. Plus, if you're going to have a snowman, it has to be in the Himalayas. I have to lay down that one ground rule. Okay, I've officially spent way too much time criticizing this movie, cause it's so not worth it.
July 21, 2008
Possibly the worst made film ever. Not only is the plot garbage, but the production, acting and directing actually will shorten your life span.
And I loved every minute of it. The fact it was filmed at my resort in Northern Wisconsin when I was a child, and my Dad and his friends are all extras make it especially delicious.
½ June 20, 2008
On my further adventures in Rebane land I stumbled on this snoozefest. I literally had to have 3 sessions with this film because I fell asleep each time. You got drunk hicks, 2 guys in huge white furry costumes, lots of innane blabber about nothing at all, and an endless about of driving snowmobiles/skiing/running. If you can make it through this with out taking a nap, you are an insomniac.
½ May 20, 2008
Another standard big foot romp with bad acting, bad monster, and an Indian legend thrown in for flavor. Started out promising but crashed and burned into a smoldering pile of unwatchable celluloid.
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