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June 25, 2008
Great start to the series, heart warming tale with fine performances by Bob Monkhouse and William Hartnell and a much different type of role for Kenneth Williams.
April 27, 2008
There's something so easy to love about this film. It's as close to perfect as English comedy can get.

The surreal side is seeing William Hartnell, so readily associated with the Doctor, playing such a strong and confident man.

It's sweet, it's hilarious, it's back when Kenneth Williams would act in a Carry On instead of perform.

All good.
½ January 21, 2008
my favourite carry on, and the first of the collection
January 16, 2008
This is the Carry On Film Ive seen most
September 27, 2007
A general rule of thumb that I follow with movies is if there are at least eight actors or actresses in a movie and I've never heard of them, I avoid it like a dirty toilet seat.
½ September 8, 2007
The first Carry On film and less crude than later films in the franchise. William Hartnell makes a memorable Sergeant.
September 5, 2007
The first of the Carry On movies, made before the double entendre became a staple of the series. Unfortunately this is none the better for it, ending up a comedy completely devoid of humour.
½ September 3, 2007
The series that spawned from this film can not be classed in the same bracket as this one. This is funny in it's own right without the bawdyness that is exagerated in later efforts.
August 6, 2007
The first of the Carry On series and a vastly different film from the cliched Carry On formula. Bob Monkhouse could have been a film star I'm sure of it.
½ July 31, 2007
I thought Hartnell didn't really have the flair for comedy needed for this one. But a hell of a lot better than Carry on England.
½ July 13, 2007
The first "Carry On" Film.
June 21, 2007
The first Carry on film and a very enjoyable experience.
June 11, 2007
Their first ever film and a great start to a classic run - all the actors play their parts brilliantly and will have you rolling around with laughter!!
June 4, 2007
Great old british humor.
April 10, 2007
this was the 1st one and one of the best carry on's and has so much and just always makes me laugh and is a good film.
Super Reviewer
March 19, 2007
One of the earliest entries, most of the team haven't joined yet, but this is a hugely influential farce; the formula has been copied countless times in every bootcamp comedy ever since, including Stripes, Private Benjamin and Police Academy.
March 6, 2007
First and one of the best of the classic Carry On movies.
February 19, 2007
The first of the series and probably the best.
February 1, 2007
The original Carry On film remains one of the series' best.
January 2, 2007
love al the carry on films
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