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September 28, 2018
Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue could've been an interesting special, but turned out to be a disappointment. if i created a different version of this special i fix all of it's problems and make it even better than before.
February 21, 2017
As advertised, an all star collection of cartoon favourites team up for a well-intentioned message to straighten a troubled teen from the dangers of drugs--although Garfield seemed more interested in lasagne. Forgot that ALF made it to Saturday mornings.
September 17, 2015
This anti-drug PSA is so bad that it makes me want to to do drugs! F
June 3, 2015
An all-star cast of Saturday morning TV is on the case when 9 year-old Michael steals his sister's piggy bank to buy marijuana and play games at the arcade. Michael is also the prime suspect when a couple of Dad's beers go missing from the fridge. Michael's new friend, Smoke, seems to be having a corrupting influence on the youngster. Features appearances by Alvin and the Chipmunks, Bugs Bunny, Muppet Babies, Garfield, Winnie the Pooh, Alf, the Teenage Mutunt Ninja Turtles, and Slimer.
April 21, 2015
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½ January 19, 2015
Oh my about a politicly correct rip-off. To what this film was building up to, it's a complete slap in the face. I can't beileve they would gather together all these cartoons just to talk about how drugs and alcohol are bad. Don't we get enough this crap already?!
September 1, 2014
From what I saw, this cartoon special was awesome! It had all of my favorite 80s cartoon characters within the first 2 minutes. However, I got way too stoned before watching and I fell asleep. So I missed the plot entirely. Oh well.
July 6, 2014
A Saturday morning cartoon mash up with characters trying to get kids off of drugs.
March 15, 2014
Michael, a teenager who is using marijuana and stealing his father's beer. His younger sister, Corey, is worried about him because he's started acting differently. When her piggy bank goes missing, her cartoon tie-in toys come to life to help her find it. After discovering it in Michael's room along with his stash of drugs, the various cartoon characters proceed to band together and take Michael on a fantasy journey to teach him the risks and consequences a life of drug-use can bring and save the world.

starring the voices of: Jason Marsden, Lindsay Parker, Jeff Bergman, Ross Bagdasarian Jr, Lorenzo Music, Russi Taylor, Frank Welker and George C. Scott.

directed by Milton Gray, Marsh Lamore, Robert Shellhorn, Mike Svayko and Karen Peterson
½ February 10, 2014
This special features some of the most popular cartoon characters of all time, and they all come together to simply talk to us about DRUGS. I am dead serious.
½ October 12, 2013
This was a wonderful after-school special that let studios set aside their differences and warn of the dangers of drugs.
February 22, 2013
you know, for what it was worth, this was a cute movie with a strong held message.
November 3, 2012
This cartoon cross over special is very informative and teaches why drugs such as pot and crack are bad for you. This is not a full length movie, but they should make an updated version that is a full length movie and show in in theaters. And that updated version should include other characters such as Timon & Pumbaa, Captain Planet, King Julian, and many other great characters that wree not around at the time of this original.
October 16, 2012
August 10, 2012
Burn in hell NARC's!!!!!!!!!!!!!
August 3, 2012
Remember watching the hell out of my VHS-taped copy of this. Used to love seeing all my favourite characters together, but seeing it doesn't hold up.
½ June 23, 2012
The cartoons attempt to make this fun but the drug talk can't be taken seriously whatsoever. The point of this was to teach kids about the dangers of drugs and i'm pretty sure it didn't accomplish that.
June 18, 2012
This is a cute crossover that was made in 1990. I wasn't around at the time but I was able to find it online so I watched it. I think it was plotted real well and it helps teach kids why it's bad to smoke and what it can do. Even if you aren't a kid, it's still fun to watch because you get to see several different cartoons from the 80s together and some parts are pretty funny. This is a movie I recommand for people who like any of the cartoons that appear in this crossover. This is also a movie I wish could be released on DVD.
March 5, 2012
This is just a ripoff of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. They are just trying to capitalize on
Roger Rabbits secsess. I for one like it as a cartoon, but this is so frigging stupid for
a cross over animation film.
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