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January 31, 2016
Creepy. Anna Camp plays a psychotic woman very well.
January 3, 2016
It's Sunday afternoon and I'm surfing channels and I come across the last several minutes of Air Force One with Harrison Ford, etc., and I'm thinking 'this is the worse movie I have ever seen', and so I look to see how RT has rated it and I'm very surprised to see it has a 79% rating and a ton of favourable reviews from media 'movie reviewers' who think Air Force One is a gem, Unbelieveable, I think, since AF1 is so full of bravado and drama and chest pounding USA CAN DO-isms that I turn the channel and I find 'Caught', and I find myself wondering what the rating for this movie on RT is, and it hasn't been rated yet, so I thought I would rate it: It was dramatic. The chick in the attic was hot. The guys wife was a b*tch, and her sister was hot but not very bright. But the biggest takeaway for me was the husband, played by actor Sam Page, because I thought 'hey, he looks like Zach Parise', and then I turned the TV off. I give this movie 3 stars because it was just interesting enough to draw me away from the god awful, drama-laden, completely mindless Air Force One. Thank you.
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