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August 12, 2013
It's not too bad for a low budget film but the special effect is laughable. Not scary at all despite the poster being fantastic, the plot is simply ridiculous, who came up with the idea of Hungarian sword?
½ April 6, 2012
Dog lovers will love this movie, people will not.
January 29, 2012
this was an okay movie
May 4, 2011
This movie was amazing it was so realistic with the blood and gore lol jk it sucks! Please don't watch. The DVD cover looks great but it's misleading
½ October 14, 2010
Definately watchable.
½ August 1, 2010
it was so lovely and I found it amazing!
November 2, 2009
could have been a lot better
June 8, 2009
The cover is nice but the movie itself is bad. They got the right story but they don't have the appropriate visual effects. That is poor.
May 31, 2009
Another good idea from the Sci-Fi channel gone terribly wrong.
March 31, 2009
Crap acting and unbelievable special effects.
½ March 15, 2009
awesome just watched it
March 2, 2009
Très ordinaire!!!
Mauvais effets spéciaux, le chien est à chier...
½ February 21, 2009
Ray Harryhausen is probably laughing somewhere. Somehow special effects have gotten worse in the past fifty years or so.
February 13, 2009
makes me never want to visit hell (of any kind) lmao!
February 12, 2009
Quite engaging B-rate film, but horrible CGI although the three-headed hell hound Cerberus looked magnificent.
½ December 11, 2008
I think its really awesome
December 10, 2008
I'm sorry, but this was a boring movie. the visual effects were also kinda "huh?!"-ish
September 12, 2008
The sword of God, servant of Hell, and the curse to go with it.

Theres a guy in the movie that has a sword and he's almost invisible. Remember that guy inthe movie he's invisible and there's a servant of the three-headed dog that guards the sword. And he was dead for about three million years, I think. THe person who tried to grab the sword but he can't and the sword needs to go back to the tomb and there's a curse. The servant of the dog needs to try to protect it.
½ August 12, 2008
Pretty good movie. The three headed dog was cool. Emmanuelle Vaugier is a great actress. Great movie.
August 9, 2008
this was an okay movie
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