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December 31, 2013
Hmmm. No critics to review this masterpiece? I wonder. This should be required film viewing for EVERY film critic, screenwriter, director, actor and anyone working behind the camera. It is apparent that not one critic has the balls to review this scathing documentary that taught me more about American cinema than any film one would see in film school. This is, again, why critics didn't like Spike Lee's BAMBOOZLED which this film was his inspiration for that film. I love this film and wish Melvin would update it for a post 70's look at film. There is a part where he discusses how he came to do film without the Hollywood aesthetics that created the "cooning" Negros that were dominant on the screen prior to the seventies. I can never get enough of this film which has a rich historical texture to it. It explains what others films cannot, and why didn't Roger Ebert review it? uh huh. That is what I thought. RIP Roger but you missed the boat on this one. Long live Melvin Van Peebles - a beautiful man who had the guts to "take it to the man".
August 7, 2011
Very insightful view of African America in American film... a real eye opener!
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