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½ February 2, 2013
A crazed scientist steals the original manuscripts for the legendary monsters Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, and Frankenstein so that he can bring them to life using a machine of his own design, but things go horribly wrong when his virgin sacrifice escapes. The creatures are restored, but at only three feet tall! Now, the miniature monsters must track down the girl and bring her back to the lab so that they can be returned to their normal size in order to wreak havoc on the world! Charles Band and Full Moon Entertainment present another tale featuring a group of tiny terrors, this time employing veteran actor Phil Fondacaro in the role of Dracula. Fondacaro takes the character seriously despite the campy nature of the script, and gives one of his best performances to date. Bill Moynihan's stuttering scientist provides more fun with his odd, quirky behavior and foolhardy delusions of control. Additional praise goes to Gabriel Bartalos in charge of the special make-up effects for coming up with a series of excellent design updates for the hideous creeps. Like in so many other Full Moon flicks, the mood is kept light and playful, with story falling second to entertainment. For a cheesy monster romp, these ankle-biters are sure to please!

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
January 19, 2013
Love the performances in this fun Lil' Flick.
November 16, 2011
Midget Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and Frankenstein?? Just that makes this film worth it.
½ October 5, 2011
Super cheese, super stupid.
May 12, 2011
Phil Fondacaro does a fantastic job of portraying Count Dracula. His diminutive stature should take nothing away from the power or nobility he projects as the dread count, in this low budget 80's scare flick. Yes, it's funny and cheesy. But it's supposed to be. And that's all right.
July 4, 2010
Midget versions of Universal monsters run amok. Those dwarfs sure know how to party. Includes people of short statue.
½ December 21, 2009
Ugh, THE worst acting ever. The only positive thing about this film is that Midget Frankenstein is adorable! Other than that this film is somewhat fun to rip apart and make fun of with friends. Dracula's dialogues get annoying very quickly.
½ May 9, 2009
Great literary giants like Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, and others would be rolling in their graves if they knew what was being done to their work in Full Moon's The Creeps. The Creeps is about a mad scientist who steals the first prints of popular literature based on the famous monsters of horror (Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, The Mummy, and Wolfman) in order to bring them to life in the real world and have them do his evil biddings. When a detective and librarian are on the his scheme, he uses the librarian as a necessary sacrifice, but she gets away and screws up the experiment and all of the monsters come out as cute, little dwarf-sized versions. Yes, we are in Full Moon territory with direction from it's fearless leader, Charles Band. Unfortunately, this is one of Full Moon's lamer attempts, so you'll find yourself either chuckling at the nonsensical aspect of it or very bored with the movie (a rare feat considering this film is only 75 minutes long). The acting amongst the main players is so over-the-top, and the only person taking this film seriously is Phil Fondacaro who plays the pint-sized Dracula. I was surprised to see that this was PG-13 since they have a decent amount of Titty shots in the film from the resident lesbian library boss who also spends time getting off by rubbing herself with the work of Charlotte Brontë. Yea, this film is ridiculous, and if you're into this sort of cheese, you won't mind it.
February 17, 2009
Mildly amusing flick in which a mad scientist resurrects the classic monsters. Plans don't go so well when they all come out 3 feet tall.
August 27, 2008
Like monsters squad, only they're midgets... Stupid and bad acting, but it does have some humor to it.
July 23, 2008
This is one of the lamer Full Moon movies from Charles Band.
It had a really funny idea but it didn't seem to work.
Though you can't generally go wrong with a midget Dracula, Frankensten, Wolfman and Mummy.
½ July 21, 2008
i'm not sure what's funnier...the concept of four midget monsters running around for eighty minutes or the acting found within. but's got a midget dracula, mummy, werewolf, and's got absolutely terrible acting....wonderfully terrible's amazing. movies don't get much dumber than this...and this one is dumb in a fun way.
June 11, 2008
Full Moon cheese at it's cheesiest!
½ September 26, 2005
FULL MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

super cheesy
April 24, 2005
Sometimes when im bored, Ill walk into Age of Video (Local Video Store) and peruse around the 1.99 bin. I picked this up, along with Pumpkinhead for 1.99. Pumpkinhead is a quality horror movie, I had seen it before. The Creeps I hadn't seen since it was released. The Creeps was supposed to be a horror movie. But it mostly resembled porn. Thanks to Rhonda Griffin's previous acting porn. When they tied her to that table, she was all moaning like a helpless blonde. The midget dracula was like. "Take her Shirt Off!" so then her shirt gets ripped off. (Spoiling the ending, you dont wanna see this anyway) All the midgets get into this 80s style technicolor "magic portal" and dissapear leaving it open for a sequel. Not much of an ending anyways. BUT IT LEAVES IT OPEN FOR A SEQUEL!!! who gives a flying fuck.
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