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½ June 29, 2015
this translation of "Leafie: a hen into the wild" manages to destroy some of the major points of the original , including the tagline on the front of the box, the "sacrifice" mentioned on the front of the box is cut from the film preemptively making it lose all of its impact as the closing scene. characters continue to berate daisy based on her decisions to stay in the wild and raise her child, despite none of the characters mentioning the yard after chirpie's second appearance in the original, fundamentally added a new moral to the story, "if you don't go home, you'll die!" great lesson to teach children. go watch the original if you like or can read subtitles during a movie, if not go watch "watership down" or "plague dogs" because this version is butchered, good night.
April 12, 2015
boo to the ending of this animation but I understand the concept about the circle of life theme
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