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May 27, 2014
fun, but the environmentalism is beyond annoying
August 9, 2013
Judo, old man running, a cool yellow car, maggots, blue crystals....what more could you want?
½ March 21, 2011
Giant maggots, lots of green slime and the welsh. This is what Doctor who is all about. An appropriate goodbye to Jo Grant and the doctor finally uses his TARDIS again.
½ December 26, 2010
Those Chilean miners had it easy; they didn't have to contend with giant mutated maggots and a megalomaniacal supercomputer.
September 22, 2010
After the Colin Baker years, Pertwee's time as the Doctor would have to be my least favourite era. As much as I like him as an actor, most of his stories can be encapsulated by the name of one of his worst serials - 'Carnival of Monsters.' With a few exceptions (Planet of the Spiders, The Silurians) the pantomime monsters over-take the priority for a great story; which is made worse by the contrasting sternness and aloofness of Pertwee's playing of the character. I've got nothing against 'monsters' in Doctor Who at all, but in order for them to work they have to be used to underpin a great story. Without the story or the effects needed to warrant them, they do just seem kitsch and pointless. The example of both extremes can be found here in The Green Death, and conversely in The Ark in Space. Both had similar monsters and effects, but the latter had much more depth and purpose to carry it off.

Although I do like Jon Pertwee as an actor, I much prefer listening to him in interviews, where he is so much more charming and likeable than the way he chooses to play the Doctor - a characterisation I just can't seem to warm to. His companion Jo also isn't a patch on the best companions such as Sarah Jane (4th Doctor) or Barbera and Ian (1st Doctor).

The story is ok, but pretty grim and unpleasant (not in a good way - see The Invasion from the 2nd Doctor for that!) and at 6 episodes its rather a slog. It's also quite preachy in trying to bring ecology and 'green' issues to the masses in an age when this was very much in debate, and although this could be seen as a good thing to many, it didn't add anything to the story as far as entertainment is concerned.

Compared with Doctor Who at it's best, this was a pretty unenjoyable serial. For a much better Pertwee story I would recommend Planet of the Spiders.
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