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½ February 13, 2017
An art student buys a relic that depicts a crucified man, and soon it comes to life and injects some Satan into her if you get what I mean. A moderately original premise devolves into a D grade "Exorcist" rip-off with a lot of really racy content. Also known as "The Sexorcist", which is really the perfect title for it.
January 22, 2016
Starts off doing its own thing bringing some interesting ideas to the table ...but it quickly devolves into a trashier, half-baked retelling of The Exorcist. Not necessarily a bad thing for entertainment's sake but it could've been trashy and different. The filmmakers just took the easy way out.
January 17, 2013
Watchable little possession flick about an art student who finds herself being molested by the devil while restoring an artifact, watched as part of my Halloween marathoning during October.

Worth a look, but nothing life-changing.

½ January 20, 2005
[font=Arial Black]Have you ever felt like your mother was not all she seemed to be? Would you be afraid to learn the truth? This movie is about a mother who is not very family orientated. She just wants to find pleasure by going out with men who perform evil sex acts on her body. The daughter is a art restorer, and she comes upon an old church that was autioning off some statues of men on a crucifix.

This movie is badly dubbed, but the actors are good, so it did not bother me as much. I liked the "Devil Man" in this picture, because he was just as crazy as I thought the devil would be. I felt like I met a character like that in my life, that was sexy and cool, but basically an evil person. But this was a movie about having sex with the devil and then turning into a sex starved, "quakers" chick!

I would have to say for those that only want blood in their horror pictures, there is none except for brief encounter in the beginning. Like most horror fans, they don't want to know the grossest part, so I won't mention it.

Being too sexy is the devil's work and he will only ruin you. I think that is a good message in a movie for any young girl who wears too tight clothing or walks around showing her belly button in a school setting. Or a boy who is too quick to have sex with anyone.
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