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½ December 31, 2008
I've read that the Waldemar Daninsky movies don't hold together, continuity-wise, but this one acts fairly well as a prequel to La Noche de Walpurgis/Werewolf Shadow. It offers an origin story for the Daninsky curse in that previous movie (although it doesn't jive with the later Night of the Werewolf). It begins with a Daninsky ancestor tracking down and killing a coven of Satan worshipers in the Dark Ages. Just before the last archetypal witch is burned alive, she promises that someday a descendant of Daninsky will kill one of her kind and then his line will be cursed thereafter. (A little convoluted... why not just curse Daninsky now?) So hundreds of years go by, and 19th century Paul Naschy (did I mention he played the Dark Ages Daninsky, too?) shoots a wolf which turns out to be a man. The local gypsies are outraged and send a pretty volunteer to sneak into the naive Daninsky's bedroom to mark him with the bite of a wolf's skull. The movie then gets dull for a while, unfortunately. An escaped ax-wielding maniac (!) is roaming the hills, and draws the local constabulary off the scent while Daninsky racks up his own body count. There is a huge amount of carnage in this movie, by the way. Werewolf Daninsky bites necks and chests, even crushes a man's head with a rock! There's some experimental editing and wild 70s camera work, but the wolf itself isn't scary. Naschy just isn't as frenzied and frothy as I've seen him before, plus the wolf attack scenes would have benefited from growling sounds and music stings. Too many fights involve a silent werewolf jumping at a victim, and Naschy's body language is rarely animal-like. Too bad, because I liked his intensity in other films.
½ December 4, 2008
Un sympathique film d'horreur europeen des 70's avec un Paul Nashy,toujours aussi classe, reprenant ici son role de Waldemar Daninsky.

Y'a de jolies actrices et un poil de gore aussi : chef d'oeuvre :D !
½ June 18, 2008
En av hans absolut bästa
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