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Ernest (Jim Varney) gets into deep trouble when he decides to build a treehouse for the neighborhood kid and accidentally digs up an ugly, evil-tempered troll who hates all children and shows it by promptly turning the five kids helping Ernest into wooden sculptures. This is the fourth entry in the Ernest series and is filled with the goofy humor that has made the films popular with preadolescent kids.

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Jim Varney
as Ernest P. Worrell
Eartha Kitt
as Old Lady Hackmore
Shay Astar
as Elizabeth
John Cadenhead
as Tom Tulip
Bill Byrge
as Bobby Tulip
Larry Black
as Mayor Murdock
Denice Hicks
as Elizabeth's Mother
Melanie Wheeler
as Crying Woman
Jackie Welch
as Teacher
Ernest Fosselius
as Trantor the Troll
Barry Scott
as Another Parent
Jessa Fahey
as Little Girl
Mike Hutchinson
as Steve Swindell
Adora Dupree
as Francis' Mother
Joey Anderson
as Ernest's Teacher
as Rimshot
Myke R. Mueller
as 2nd Parent
Daniel Higgs
as Army Kid
Karson Kanitz
as Army Kid
Luke Robert
as Army Kid
Gregg Higgs
as Army Kid
Marin Miller
as Army Kid
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Critic Reviews for Ernest Scared Stupid

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In a perfect world, the kids from THE MONSTER SQUAD would've teams up with Ernest to battle the trolls. Now THAT would be a fun movie!

May 21, 2012 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…

No, it's not good, but it's kind of likable.

November 24, 2003 | Rating: 3/5

How about a bumper sandwich boogerlips!

February 19, 2003 | Rating: 1/5

Audience Reviews for Ernest Scared Stupid


Its so unfunny and stupid that its funny and entertaining. The children actors do a good enough job, and the late Jim Varney is good as the protagonist Ernets P. Worell, and he did manage to get a couple laughs out of me. It also has a great performance from the again late Ertha Kitt who was one of the actors who played Catwoman in the 50s batman show, as well as Yzma in "The Emperors New Groove." Plus the troll effects are pretty good and interesting to look at, and I have to say they're sure as heck better than the troll effects in the "Troll" films. The premise is also pretty interesting, being a monster run amuck film and an idiot having to save the world. Also the running joke with him finding the trolls weakness being milk, and him confusing it for a supposedly fake seasonal stuff called Miak.

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

Super Reviewer

Here's another great movie starring Jim Varney. This is a wonderful movie for the family to enjoy, especially on Halloween. I loved the part when Ernest said, "I sure hope you're from Keebler." I crack up every time. Not only is this a fun movie, but the good family values show through. For instance: when the mother and her daughter have a little fight but the girl turns around and tells her mother that she loves her. Also, near the end of the movie when Ernest realizes that unconditional love was the strongest weapon of all. (Varney is the only one that can convey that child-like innocence.) Of course, kissing Trantor's slimy lips was an 'Ewwww' moment for me as well. Trantor, to this day, is still the ugliest thing I've ever seen. If people can't see the moral content of this movie, they must be blind. I always saw Ernest as a playmate and someone that never aged. I would've given just about anything to work with Varney. Sadly, he is no longer with us and no one will ever be able to duplicate what he did. R.I.P. Jim Varney 1949-2000.

Stacy Avary
Stacy Avary

Super Reviewer

Probably the flat out weirdest movie I've ever seen. It's epic, completely action packed, and even a bit scary. So, maybe it's not the funniest movie ever, and maybe it's really corny (especially the child actors). But aside from being exiting and entertaining, this film also captures the true spirit of Halloween.

Kyle Fowler
Kyle Fowler

Super Reviewer

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