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April 25, 2016
I was pleasantly surprised to find that this movie is more about the fighters interviewed than Ali himself. Some great anecdotes and insights. George Foreman in particular tells about a locker room conversion experience he had which was fascinating.
½ April 2, 2016
Good to see Ali's legacy from the ones that faced him in the ring.
June 4, 2015
Absolutely superb. Anyone with an interest in the glory days of boxing should watch this.
½ January 25, 2015
I love sports documentaries, especially boxing docs, and this is an excellent one. Great interviews with Joe Frazier, George Forman, Ken Norman, Leon Spinks, Earnie Shavers, Larry Holmes and others.
January 17, 2015
Not just a review of some of his greatest fights, but what life was like for the opponents after they fought Ali. A good, informative documentary.
April 23, 2014
A great inside look on what it was like to face the greatest from the view of other great fighters and there battle with him.
½ October 13, 2012
Well done documentary of the legendary boxer
September 8, 2012
Great perspective from the people who have went toe to toe with the Champ.
August 30, 2012
i really liked this it gives an interesting portrait of ali whilst looking at those who also faced him and were around him, which can be just as interesting. some are amoung the greatest but were overshadowed by 'the greatest'!!! really interesting.
August 1, 2012
Fatma Bassiouni never understood the appeal of boxing, she's always felt sorry for the bloke who gets knocked down. She has admittedly, like others before her, including those who aren't enamoured of boxing, made an exception for the man who so deservedly earned that title 'the greatest of all'. She just watched "Facing Ali" (on mbc 2) and was moved to tears by this touching, riveting and the words simply fail her on this film. This IS the BEST documentary she's seen on Mohamed Ali (even > Spike Lee's When we were Kings). She's still moved ...
½ July 6, 2012
Very powerful and honest.
½ July 6, 2012
This was a great movie about the fighting career of Muhammad Ali. What was so interesting about it, is that the entire story was told by the men he faced in the ring. Muhammad Ali was truly the greatest champion of ANY sport in my eyes. Just because he faced so much adversity and every time he would find a way to overcome it. He always proved the naysayers wrong and made people believe in him. His biggest mistake was hanging around too long. I'm sure people were telling him he needed to give it up, but from what I gather he was a stubborn individual and he was always going to do it his way. It was brutal watching the footage from his 1980 fight with Larry Holmes. You could see in the interviews with him leading up to that fight that the effects of years of punches to the head were taking its toll on him. It's sad to see a man that is only a shell of the charismatic individual he once was. There will never be another Muhammad Ali.
April 22, 2012
A great look from the points of view of men that fought Ali, really emotional and very well done
March 25, 2012
Splendido documentario che raccoglie interviste, curiosità e aneddoti raccontati da chi sul ring contro Mohammad Ali c'è salito.
January 11, 2012
Joe Frazier wasn't pissed enough.
½ January 5, 2012
At last, an unbiased documentary about Ali with depth. Where Will Smith's film forgot to mention the knockdown by Cooper saved by the bell and almost celebrated Ali like a god, this honest nuts and bolts film features Ali's main opponent's personal fight experiences facing the greatest boxer of all time, along with with their own history as well.
Great editing and funky music allows for an immersive experience for all those interested in Ali's fights from within the ring.
January 3, 2012
Excellent Movie about Ali through the eyes and words of his opponents...
December 17, 2011
being a huge fan of Ali, it was really refreshing to see these men tell the tale of the man the beat them. although he didn't defeat Larry Holmes, even Holmes paid homage to the man he used to spar with. i recomment this to any fan of Ali, u will like this...
November 21, 2011
I used to be a massive boxing fan and although i never saw an Ali fight live he was only recently retired when I started getting in to it so he was always revered as the man.

This film highlights the men he fought in his career and their take on The GOAT.

Some of the boxers I couldnt bear to listen to : Leon Spinks for example, but George Chuvalo and Henry Cooper were fascinating. Ron Lyle too had a good story to him.

I think its a real shame that he didnt retire when he should have done like Lennox Lewis. That and the fact that he was made to box so many 15 round fights have made him what he is today. Its a real shame as he was so eloquent and so interesting.

This film did a really nice job of showing talking heads, snippets of old footage and type and subtitles to showcase his career.

I really enjoyed the film. Good show.
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