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January 7, 2015
This move has got an interesting atmosphere and star actors and director. Some reviewers say that beyond the simple trailer plot, it aspires to examine deeper meanings such as the inherent solitude of the human being. However, the flawed script and storyline makes me give a thumb down. The story is very flawed, unconvincing, and childish. The tension never builds up. The simple and childish story makes it difficult to believe that this movie wants to say something deeper. Another annoying thing about this movie is how actors are always hustling around in a labored manner, trying to make us believe that a real tension exists in the movie.
½ June 12, 2011
This is a weird bit of semi-surrealist French cinema in which Charlotte Rampling plays a mentally disturbed heiress who has a really terrible time of things. Locked up for years in a desolate mental institution and repeatedly raped by the gardener, she manages to escapes by stabbing said rapist in the eyes, only to be involved in a road accident. She then hooks up with another fugitive, on the run from two murderous former circus performers who are trying to kill him after he witnesses them knifing some guy (who also raped Charlotte and was in turn blinded) that had been hiding out in his house with his barmy old crone of a mother. With me so far?
It rains. It rains a lot. There's a few desolate and derelict buildings and Charlotte ends up in a run down theatre with Simone Signoret who seems to know more about what is going on than she should while all the time, her wicked aunt seems intent on keeping her inheritance for her own creepy son......
It seems to cover a lot of ground and have some big, fantastical ideas about the depths of madness and psychosis but, I'm buggered if I can understand it.
Having said that, it does have some genuinely creepy and gripping moments and is quite a compelling movie. Charlotte Rampling is always wonderful and she is helped out by strong turns from Simone Signoret and Edwige Feuillere but I can't help feeling a more coherent plot, deeper characterisation and little less pretentiousness would have made this a much better Film Noir.
December 11, 2008
Dur dur de parler de ce film, mais allez, on se lance !
Tout ca sent la grande névrose collective ! Les personnages sont dans une sorte d'errance partielle, soit volontaire (la fuite), soit involontaire (la poursuite). Du début à la fin c'est ce sentiment qui domine ! on n'entrevoit jamais clairement ce qui va suivre.
Les acteurs servent tous très bien la cavale collective.
La prestation de la tante de l'orchidée est celle qui m'a le plus marqué.
September 6, 2007
Sombre film où Charlotte Rampling est d'une beauté inexprimable.
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