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½ November 18, 2013
Asylum escapee takes revenge against psychiatrists who institutionalized him at his trial. Perhaps he could be more appreciative of being committed instead of doing hard time in prison. It seems his defence lawyer escaped blame in the ordeal.
October 27, 2012
In the desert sun you can feel your flesh burn. A mental instutution escapee abducts four psyciatrists who put him away and strands them in the desert to die. Fortunately, one of the psychiatrists became a forest ranger and a good survivalist.
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October 12, 2011
This isn't a horror movie, I don't know why they put it together in a dvd of horror movies. It's more of a thriller about revenge. There's really not much going on in this movie either, and the actors aren't very good. I was bored by this.
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May 23, 2011
Talk about terrifying! A nut job escapes from a mental hospital, kidnaps the people who put him there, Leaves them out in the desert to die while he stalks them from nearby.What an awesome movie!
March 28, 2011
Fleshburn was one of those covers that stuck in my mind from the hey day of renting VHS. It was in the horror section but this isn't really a horror movie. No more then Deliverence is anyways. I had been sitting on a copy for years & figured that I should finally watch it since Im a fan of Sonny Landham. I loved him in 48 HRS & Predator & always thought that he should have had more of a career. They should have cast him in the Thunder Warrior series. To hell w/ Mark Gregory. In Fleshburn he's a shell shocked Vietnam vet who has been committed to an mental hospital. He escapes, kidnaps those responsible for putting him there & takes them out to the desert leaving them to die. As they try to survive Sonny continues to torment them from a distance. I was a little disappointed w/ Fleshburn. No great thrill but it is watchable. Sonny is underutilized as this could have been better since it came from a book by the man who gave us Death Wish Brian Garfield
December 31, 2010
The main reason I wanted to see this picture is for the fact that it stars Sonny Landham as the psychotic villain. Don't recognize the name? Well do you remember the bad motherfucker from "Predator" who was the tough ass native American tracker? Yes the guy who cut his chest with the machete before taking the Predator mono-e-mono. Yeah this guy is B-A-D-A-S-S. He even had the balls to have a security gaurd hired for him on the set of Predator not to protect Landham from people, but to protect people from Landham. Yeah, B-A-D-A-S-S. I also wanted to see it for the fact it was based on the novel by Brian Garfield, the same guy that gave us "Death Wish" and "Death Sentence." Landham playing a psychotic Vietnam vet villain in a film based on the author of "Death Wish", bring on the popcorn bitches!

The film opens with an odd written backstory of how a Native American Vietnam Vet left four people to die in the middle of the desert due to a disagreement over opinions on Native American magic. Four psychologists found him to be mentally ill so he is sentenced to life in a mental health ward. Is any prison strong enough to hold Landham. Fuck no and he easily breaks out. He soon gets a vehicle and weapons and heads around the state kidnapping the psychologists and leaving them all in the middle of the desert to die while he keeps a watchful eye on them.

The problem with this film is it doesn't live up to its potential and comes out looking more like a made-for-tv would-be thriller. It just degrades to a boring survival film with Landham wasted as the mad vet only appearing at the beginning and end, disappearing throughout most of the middle of the film. The acting is decent but the characters are blah and the ending is FAR from satisfactory. Looking for a violent mad brawl between the psychologists and Landham? Well you won't find anything exciting here.

The poster artwork was promising making this look like a variation on the Rambo theme which it is far from. This film had so much potential to be a taunt survival film with a strong casting choice for the Vet but thanks to boring filmmaking and blah script, we are left with a hollow shell of what could have been. Sonny Landham is sadly underused... yet again!
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½ July 18, 2010
An exciting action piece for the Grindhouse crowd. An act of revenge - a group of doctors are abandoned to die in the desert and hunted by their patient, who is skilled in survival. Gritty with that late-night 1970's made-for-TV feeling - even though it was made in the 80's. Fun - accept it for the cheesefest it is. Good film festival material - part of the "Horrible Horrors" DVD collection volume 1.
April 26, 2010
In the desert sun you can feel your flesh burn. A mental instutution escapee abducts four psyciatrists who put him away and strands them in the desert to die. Fortunately, one of the psychiatrists became a forest ranger and a good survivalist.
½ April 11, 2010
For the past 30 years, the film industry has had one solitary go-to guy to play a hulking, native American-looking powerhouse that breathes intimidation: Sonny Landham. Unfortunately, the 80's were the height of his success with roles in 48 hours, Lock Up, Action Jackson, the almighty Predator, and of course Fleshburn. In Fleshburn, Landham plays Calvin Duggai, a psychopathic Vietnam vet who was forced into an institution for leaving some people to die in the desert after they disputed his Indian voodoo religion. A daring escape later and Landham is roping up the four psychologists and doctors who worked to put him in the institution and brings them out to the middle of the desert to die. If they try to escape, he'll make sure and viciously kill them. For the next unknown amount of time, the four victims band together to try and survive the rough terrain and elements the desert has to offer...which winds up being pretty bland and slow unfortunately. All of the best parts involve the great Landham, which unfortunately we don't see too much of in the middle unlike the beginning and the end. Also, for an R-rated thriller, the thrills are pretty much seen in the same areas as Landham. The small body count also doesn't do much to help make the film more engaging. So yeah, this wasn't exactly the best of the Sonny Landham films of the 80's, but in all fairness, every part he's in is enjoyable in this film, which proves yet again that Ladham was severely underused and needed more big, beefy roles, like in the aforementioned Predator, or Lock-Up. Overall, so-so film that could have been so much better. Definitely give it a look if you're a Landham fan.
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