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½ July 5, 2018
Cecil B. DeMille and the attraction 1930's audiences had for the win-the-lottery romantic thinking that real life existed outside of the grind of modern civilisation and perhaps out on a tropical isle somewhere. There's some sort of story here, barely, but the whole feature is actually one long drawn out striptease until we get to the main plot point: Claudette Colbert's shower au natural in the wild. Her character arc: she goes from virginal/"don't touch me! don't even think about it!", to "I want it NOW!"
DeMille, a glorified carny to some extent. He knew his audiences.
November 16, 2014
Alright but no, I wouldn't watch it again. A product of the pre-code era with nudity and a married man falling for another woman. Claudette Colbert transforms from a conservative school teacher into a provocative jungle queen. Overall not DeMille's best work, a classic pre-code piece though.
January 5, 2013
good but really different choice from director demille
May 21, 2012
1934, OK? Four ship passengers flee Bubonic Plague onboard. They meet Leo Carrillo, the only "Englishman" on the island they row to. The jungle awaits and they have to walk through it. Torn clothes and dangers. Three of the people have major personality changes. Claudette Colbert as a frightened schoolteacher with hair in a start with. The Four manage to survive the ordeal. One of them forces population control on a tribe that took her hostage. C. B. DeMille, but don't prejudge it by that.
May 3, 2012
I picked up the B. DeMille collection and this 1934 movie was included. Though not as spectacular as some of his movies, it has plenty of thrills including snake attack, native attack as FOUR FRIGHTENED PEOPLE make their way across the Malaysian Jungle. Perhaps the biggest contribution this movie makes is steriotyped sex roles, where the women are helpless and the men are boisterous. Plus, this movie strangely takes a casual attitude towards divorce, which was rare for that time period.
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½ May 31, 2011
Utter balderdash with the DeMille touch has to do with people stranded on an island fending off man and beast. Somehow going through the rigors of the jungle makes Claudette more attractive rather than less, she even has an indistinct but very definite nude scene under a waterfall. Herbert Marshall is fine as usual but the real standout is Mary Boland doing her best fluttery nincompoop, the periods when she disappears from the film it really suffers because of it.
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September 14, 2010
I wasn't impressed by this movie, I didn't see it very long ago, and I barely remember it. I think it had a stupid ending too.
½ November 21, 2007
what that description doesn't say is the sub plot, where the mousy librarian girl gets her freak on by taking her glasses off and pretty much ruins the men with her found primitive sexuality. This is one of the few films that should just be a full blown porno. It's also an old movie, so you get to chuckle and feel horrible at the same time when a dude shoots a monkey out of a tree only to find it's a black guy.
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