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½ February 7, 2012
Not A Bad Little Movie, produce by a film company outside the United States, I obtained my DVD from VCI Entertainment, the Uncut European version, the DVD I have is of poor sound quality and near the end poor film quality. After the war four armies provide soldiers to patrol Austria. A jeep carrying four men are called to an apartment for a disturbance, The four men are from Russia, France, Britain and the United States, answering the call they find 2 Russian KGB questioning a women, the American falls for her so begins a good story 4 stars
½ September 1, 2011
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(1951) Four In A Jeep

A part of history based on fact with a fictious set up, that after WWII 4 different power consolates would send one official to Viennna to monitor tensions arising in Vienna, one American, one Englishman, one French, and one Russian and they would ride together side by side, driving around the city, until one of the officials who was an American intervenes with the Russian degnatory's case cross examining her about a Russian POW is when things get pretty heated!

The history part is more fascnating than the commotion started by the American dignatory who felt that it's everybody he was riding with should've been allowed to say something as well! Liked the realistic aftermath wreckage from WWII but didn't care too much about the budget constraints and at times shows!

3 out of 4
June 22, 2008
Good post World War II story, nicely developed characters and a brisk pace. Fine score, Swiss location shooting a plus. Very well acted, especially Viveca Lindfors.
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