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½ May 19, 2010
The plot keeps you intrigued and entertained throughout the entire film, albeit the ending is flippant and perfunctory. The concept is fresh and interesting, but it's not thoroughly planned out (for example, how the script originally ends is never disclosed.) Excellent acting from all supporting actors, while Gustavo Salmerón's performance is inconsistent and slightly confusing. Overall it's an above-average film with plenty of twists, character development, cool dialogue, and nice camera work.
May 10, 2010
An interesting and original concept, bady written and executed. This movie had a lot of promise, with a External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Being John Malkovich / Truman Show -type central theme. However, the plot around the theme is pretty weak and the subplots meaningless. So much potential, that goes nowhere.

Direction is listless. The pacing is slow and the movie just drags.

Acting is OK.
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