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November 3, 2017
TDLR: A very "Black Mirror" from the days of analogue

I saw this as a BBC "screen 2" production in the early 1990s. it was memorable. Just rewatched it from the from the youtube VHS uploads, and it still hit a raw nerve.

No doubt it's an imperfect adaptation of the source, but the dynamics between Robert Lindsay, Anthony Sher, and Diane Rigg cut through.

You'll be offended if you want to be, challenged if you are open to it , or laugh if you can suppress the pain.
½ April 18, 2012
"Odd" isn't even scraping the tone of this weird little movie. While Lindsay's character certainly deserves no pity, one is forced to deal with the basically sadistic behavior of Cohn who, although dead, has a REALLY big chip on his shoulder. How the two work together to solve the crime is quite fascinating. I saw this film years ago and I still think about it occasionally. Worth watching if you can find it.
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